27 September 2010

Deactivation Complete

it's done. Deactivation of facebook is complete. =D

I feel better already. =D

If you've been following me on Twitter you may have noticed last night I was a little emotional. Well I'm fine now... I seem to get emotional at night, just before I go to bed. I think because I spend all day with my brain going a million miles an hour, when I finally try to relax it's still moving and I think and think and overthink until I get sad. LOL. it's silly. I need to learn to relax and switch off.

It's a public holiday in Western Australia today. It's the Queen's Birthday... even though the Queen's Birthday is in June. It's also the weekend of the Perth Royal Show and the AFL Grand Final (which was a draw, so they'll have to play again next weekend.... but I hate AFL so I'm gonna leave it at that) It's also the last public holiday in WA until Christmas =( At least I get paid to not work today =D but it's also the last day I have off until October 8th... and even longer, depending on how Boss does the roster when he gets back from Turkey.

My little sister Alex is in Queensland... and today she's at MOVIE WORLD... I hate her =D But she did get me a Predators posters and is going to try and find me a Gabriel Legion poster.

I hope today, my Smokin Aces Blu-Ray, Dark Angel & A Team DVDs ship. I want to watch Smokin Aces in Blu-Ray. I really should save up for a PS3 or something.  I wonder how much I would get if I traded in my Xbox 360 and games?
it annoys me that Darwin and Lester have changed places =D
Whenever I see Chris Pine now all I can see is Darwin Tremor. Even last night watching Star Trek... he's no longer James T Kirk to me... he's Darwin Tremor.

Going for a drive with the parents.

Princess Geek  

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