18 September 2010

fashion & flying

my style has changed slightly. damn that suggestible goo I call my brain.
guns. fur. corsets. brass lighters (but not to light cigarettes).
i almost used cowboy boots in the above set. COWBOY BOOTS. what is wrong with me?
damn you Kevin Durand. why did you have to be in a "western"?
why did that western have to be so freaking awesome?
I want a huge men's watch. at work (target) there are some fathers day packs that have a really nice stainless steel watch I just have to have.
It's times like this, I wish I was skinny and had a shit load of money.
I wouldn't care what people thought of me. I'd be that strange girl.
The one that, one day is wearing military inspired fashion and the next looking like a bar wench from a cowboy movie.
Albany is too small to be fashionable.

I've been listening to the same 2 songs over and over.
Hear Me Now by Secondhand Serenade and;
You're Going Down by Sick Puppies.

My body hates me.
It's the same feeling I get after I've done lots of exercise. but I haven't. I've just been getting up early and working ALL week.

I need wings. (and Kevin Durand... but that's an entirely different story)
it makes sense.
I love feathers. I love to fly. I want to travel.
It just seems like the best option.
well... if humans could even have wings.
I was going to say "well... if angels even existed." but they do so that would of been a lie.
don't judge me. I may not have a guardian angel at the moment.
I did. when I was little. His name was David.
He was a boy my age who had wings.
my "imaginary friend"
I'm not crazy :)

Princess Geek  

ps. I edited my "About Me" & "Films" pages.

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