06 September 2010

Pretty Awesome Day

Don't you hate it when you write a huge epic post and then the universe decides for a split second to hate you, and you lose it? SUCKS big time. I did the most epic, awesome, honest intro post on my Weight Watchers blog, and BAM! *universe hates me* GONE! BASTERD! if you want to read my weight watchers blog, let me know and I'll send you the link.
My Ray Bans showed up today. I think they're really good fakes. I can't find the RB etching on the frame. There is one on the lens, but not on the frame. They're really heavy and solid, which is good, and look awesome. So I'm pleased. and if you didn't know, you'd say they're real... so don't tell anyone =D

Anyway. Weight Watchers today. UP 100grams.... still had to give back my paperclip. Did I explain it to you? Well if you lose weight, you get a paperclip, if you put weight on, you have to give it back. Simple. Well I have NO paperclips anymore.

Guess what I watched last night?
It was even more awesome than I was expecting. Paul Bettany as an angel with a machine gun!! FUCK YES! So now for a mini review.
who? Paul Bettany Denis Quaid. Lucas Black. Kate Walsh.
plot. Charlie is 8 months pregnant. she works at a diner in Paradise Falls... middle of nowhere, population 4. On a ordinary sunny day a strange old women shows up, says some mean things about about Charlie's baby, turns evil, climbs the walls and gets shot in the face. Then Michael shows up. Michael is a fallen angel. He doesn't agree with the orders that his father (God) has given him, so he has come to earth (cut off his wings) stolen a shitload of firepower and come to protect the unborn baby. Angel have come to earth and taken control of the weak humans and have made there way to Paradise Falls. There is fighting and biting and gross... people die.... baby is born. Then Gabriel shows up to do the job that Michael was suppose to do. There is an angel/angel fight. in the end... the baby survives and Charlie, and boyfriend Jeep (yes his name is Jeep) travel to a safe area (because the Apocalypse has begun) and all live happily ever after.... except for all the people who were brutally murdered by evil angels.
biggest surprise. How well Paul Bettany can do action films.... (and how sexy he is) and how hot Kevin Durand (who is not usually known for looking hot) is as Gabriel. (I sense a slight obsession with Michael/Gabriel slash coming on)
creepiest moment. Doug Jones as the Ice Cream Man. Holy Crap. Doug Jones is creepy on a good day (but an excellent actor) so imagine him playing a Ice Cream Man possessed by an evil angel.
rating. 5. I watched it on preview disc, so the quality wasn't great. I can't wait until October, so I can buy it on Blu-Ray and watch it a hundred million more times.

I can't wait to see Paul Bettany in Priest!

What else did I do today? I went and brought new shoes for work. The shoe store had flowery Doc Martens, but they only had one size and it was too small... and they were on special... only $100. I tried on the largest size they had (size 8UK) and it was too small, so I missed out of cheap Docs. I also went to Dymocks. I bought Stories (a collection of short stories by lots of awesome authors) and Scott Pilgrims Finest Hour. I found it on the shelf, and Shane (who works there) came over and asked how I was, and I pretty much girlie squeed at him because I had Scott Pilgrim. slightly embarrassing =D

Now I'm at home. I'm going to turn my music up load and attempt to clean my room a little. I might duck down to the video shop and see if there's any good movies in.

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