02 September 2010

Things I Love Thursday

I have a new JOB. Well... another one. That's right I'm one of those crazy people who have 2 jobs! I got a part time (but permanent shifts... YAY) at Target. (yep, I get to wear Red to work) at this point I don't know when I start, first I have to hand all the forms in and then wait to get an Employee number, then I can log online and do the induction. I'm excited. It's only check-out and Welcome (yep I get to be on of those annoying people who stand at the door and say Hello) but once you're in, you're in... I see only moving upwards.

go to apple.com.au and check out the new ipods! they're awesome.

the a team. the 1983 tv series. Murdock in particular...

Liam Neeson is stalking me. There are 5 new releases at work with him in it, and it seemed like every film I returned had him in it. I wish he was stalking me for real =D

Heston's Feast. it's on now... so I'm going. =D

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