24 September 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday
  • Ridley Scotts' Robin Hood. It was epic. Like Gladiator but set in England and during the 13th Century. In the special features Russell (Crowe) mentions how Ridley told him to cut his hair like it was in Gladiator. Best thing about the film. Seeing Russell, Kevin Durand & Scott Grimes working together again. (Mystery, Alaska in 1998 was the last time they all worked together). Plus I no longer see Scott Grimes as Steve Smith from American Dad anymore, he was awesome, Welsh accent and all.
  • Working at Target. I still don't remember everyones names, but they're such a great group of people. The checkout girls are mostly in highschool, so it's nice to hear whats going on in the world of "non private school" teens (my sister goes to private school... not much gossip)
  • just got a message from my little sister Alex. She's in Brisbane, on her way to Hervey Bay to spend a week with her friend. So jealous, they're going to go to Movie World and Noosa... Jealous, but happy that she made it to Brisbane safely.

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