30 September 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

I got an email from Liz @ LA Weekly asking me to post some photos taken by their amazing photographer Timothy Norris of the Muse Concert @ Staples Centre last week. If you don't already know I run FuckYeahMuse on Tumblr. Well the site has been quiet from my end for the last couple of months, but last night I post some of the photos and the site has gone crazy. I love it. I just have to remember to keep it updated.

Manic Street Preachers. Well their new album anyway. Postcards From A Young Man. and do you know what is even more exciting? They're playing in Perth on November 22nd... 2 days after my birthday. I want to go, but haven't found anyone to go with me yet. =(

I did my first Collaboration on Polyvore. Here's my piece...

and here's the finished product...

I also got some mail this week.
♥ Who's Your Monkey on DVD (it's a region 1 movie with Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand in it)
♥ Predators & Legion fridge magnets... now I need a figure or something magnetic to put them on.
♥ Pedators & 3x mini Inglourious Basterds posters. I'm going to get the 3 mini posters framed.

I'm also thinking about personalized number plates for my car. They're expensive, and I don't even know if what I want is available and I have to pay with I take in the application. And $393 is alot for plates. I'll wait.

Honourable Mentions
♥ Murdock (from the A Team tv series) ♥ Chocolate chip muffins from Woolies ♥ Legion poster on my wall (now I have sexy Paul Bettany to watch over me) ♥ Big Day Out lineup being shit... so I don't want to go, which is good, because I didn't want to go, but if someone I liked was going I would of felt like I had to go... it's looking like a concert free year next year. ♥ got my Target shirt yesterday. It's a little small, but I'll survive. It's very red.

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