11 September 2010

Today & The Future

just went into Target. got to walk into the staff room... cos I'm freaking awesome. I bought DVDs... again. I got:
  • Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3 on Blu-Ray
  • The Book Of Eli on Blu-Ray and;
  • Mystery, Alaska on DVD (this is my current favourite Kevin Durand film) and I love the fact that it also has Russell Crowe and Scott Grimes in it... for all the "not obsessed with films" people... Russell Crowe, Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand are all in Robin Hood (Robin, Will Scarlett and Little John respectively) I can't wait to see Kevin Durand as Little John. yeah I know... just sit there and roll your eyes.
Tonight I'm going out with my friends. We are going to the only Japanese restaurant in town. I'm looking forward to it.
I'm looking forward to a lot of things.
  • Dinner tonight with friends
  • First "real" day at Target on Monday (I'm a Greeter... I get to spend 5 hours standing at the entrance saying hello to everyone)
  • Weight Watchers... I hope I've lost weight. I'm a little unsure because I'm going to the 5.30pm meeting and you always weigh a little more in the evenings.
  • Robin Hood on Blu-Ray in 2 weeks
  • Film releases for October... Disneys' Beauty and the Beast, Iron Man 2, The A Team, Legion.
  • Film releases for November... Predators
  • My birthday
  • MUSE Concert
  • Christmas =D
I'm positive there is stuff I'm forgetting, and there is surely stuff that hasn't even been planned yet.

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  1. Doctor Who 5 series :D. Great!! I'm waiting for the Doctor Who 5 series OST. After watch the Doctor Who Proms I think the ost will be amazing!! :)

    And well, Russell Crow and Robin Hood *_* pure love !!!

    Enjoy the geekend :P hahahaha