19 September 2010

Tunesday (well not really)

Tunesday is a little early this week. Only because I'm planning not to use the internet/computer AT ALL on Tuesday. We'll see. =D

But before you read this post... EVERYONE (and I mean everyone has to go say Congrats to my blogger buddy Emma. Why? She got married yesterday!) Have you done it yet? I'm going to be checking that you leave comments =D Emma HEARTS comments! Okay... now on with the show.

Here Me Know by Secondhand Serenade featuring Juliet Simms

You're Going Down by Sick Puppies (official music video here)

Four Chord Song by Axis Of Awesome (warning: slight Mindfuck!)
I heart Benny

Some more fashion sets.

and some violent gifs...

I can't wait until Tuesday.
Here's the plan.
Doctors Appointment in the morning.
then Rent Robin Hood on Blu-Ray.
go for a walk.
Make yummy (but healthy) food.
Watch Robin Hood.
swoon over Kevin Durand.
...and then spend the rest of the day doing NOTHING.

Can't wait.

Princess Geek  


  1. if I had won lotto on Saturday... may answer to your question would be YES! but unfortunately I didn't win lotto (DAMMIT) so we'll just have to continue to drool on our keyboards. =)