22 September 2010


Not really in the mood for epic posting today.
Had a marvelous day yesterday. I did everything I planned to do. plus some more.
I watched Robin Hood. It was awesome... and not just because Kevin Durand was in it... but that did help.
I can't be bother writing a review. So just watch it.

Currently listening to the Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack (the film soundtrack) I completely forgot that Patrick Wilson (ie Night Owl from Watchmen & Agent Lynch from The A Team) sang... really well, I looked him up... and he was a singer before he was an actor. And of course... Gerard Butler singing. SWOON!

Being playing Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360. I haven't made it very far. I have far too much fun running around shooting things. I've never been a big video game player, over than Sims... but they're open ended. Not a set levels etc. Stupid John Marston is in my dreams. Stupid Cowboys. First Pirates, then Soldiers.... now Cowboys. I honestly can't see how people can think Ninjas are cooler than Pirates and Cowboys.

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