28 October 2010

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Got some pretty serious shit happening in my life at the moment, I'm not allowed to talk about it online, because I don't know who is watching/reading etc...

Anyway I'm still in the internet world so if you're feeling a little Princess Geek withdrawals you can simply check out either my TWITTER (for random real-world commentaries) or TUMBLR (for pretty pics/awesome reblog/ slightly emo dribble)

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23 October 2010

Sims 3 Late Night Video

I can't wait to play Sims 3 Late Night. The Vampires powers are so awesome, none of this silly Twilight stuff.

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19 October 2010

Blah about Stuff.

Not in a posting mood. I don't know what sort of mood I'm in. I've pretty much been spending my days working and when I'm not working, I'm either sleeping or playing Sims 3. That's pretty much it. I feel a bug coming on. I'm been feeling like I'm getting sick for the last couple of days. I've been trying to fight it, by drinking lots of water and taking vitamins, but I think it's going to win.
I haven't been to Weight Watchers in a couple of weeks, because I KNOW FOR A FACT, that I haven't managed to lose any weight and I don't want to embarrass myself by going back there and failing AGAIN! This week I'm on a mission to lose some weight.... even grams.
Next week I'm house sitting for a friend who's going to Singapore.... technically I'm DOGSITTING. All I know is she has a beautifully large LED Television and wicked Sound System.... and Legion and The A Team are out next week.
I just don't have much to say. I'm just feeling a bit blah, even more that usual. I'm sure it's just a minor slump. The fact that I'm not exercising, eating crap, and working EVERY DAY (including TWICE on some days) is just making me one useless, illiterate blob.

that is all.

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15 October 2010

For Emma

For Emma.

Things I Love Friday

I forgot again. I'm completely useless sometimes.

Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack is due out in the next couple of weeks, and I'm so excited. You can create a band, become a celebrity, and even become a Vampire. In Sims 2, it was so much fun being a Vampire.... in Sims 2 I was an Alien Vampire Zombie. Yeah, I was that awesome. Gamespot have some new screenshots from the new expansion pack.

I've stumbled across a new blog... actually during my daily Sims 3 Custom Content trawl. http://thegrownupsarelying.blogspot.com/. It's so good, full of crafts, awesome sims 3 content, digital manga dowloands.... I'm in love. I've also been inspired to take up cross-stitch again. Time for some extra geeky cross-stitches. Having a computer makes it so much easier to create my own designs.

I've given up sugar. I'm going to see how long I can go. I've done it once before. I lasted about 4 weeks, the first week is hard. But I can do it.

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13 October 2010


feeling slightly depressed over the fact that Target don't give anyone leave in December.... that means there is the slightest, tiniest chance that I may not be able to go to the MUSE concert on the 19th... and I'm fucking depressed. Mel (my supervisor) said it will work out... hopefully :( So here's hoping. Pray for me.

in better news. I've discovered an awesome tv series.... Emma mentioned it ages ago, but I had forgotten about it, but I found it again. MISFITS. it's about a group of teenagers that end up with superpowers. I love Simon, he's a little weird.... well they all are.

I haven't been in a very bloggy sort of mood. I just don't have much to say. I've been to weight watchers a couple of times, but still haven't lost any weight, and I'm currently admitting... I'm not really trying very hard. I could actually give a little bit more of a shit about the whole thing. I just cant seem to get into it. My "home life" is depressing and I'm just not coping very well, which effects my eating habits. it sucks.

That's pretty much it for today. I don't know when the next post will be.

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10 October 2010

Judge Dredd

Karl Urban is Judge Dredd. I know this is old news... but it's the first time I've actually been thinking about it, when I'm posting. Filming started only days ago in South Africa and it's going to be awesome. You may already know of the Judge Dredd film that was made a few years back that had Sylvester Stallone in it.... this is going to be a million times more epic. But I'm not sure how much they can do with only $45,000,000. We'll see.

Princess Geek  

06 October 2010


MANIC STREET PREACHERS new album "Postcards From A Young Man"
 I love all the songs, but there are 4 songs in particular that I have in a playlist being repeated over and over again. 
They are...
(It's Not War) Just The End of Love
Postcards From a Young Man
Golden Platitudes
Some Kind of Nothingness


started Dollhouse Season 1 last night.
re-watching DIRTY JOBS... I love Mike Rowe.

I need to save money.
actually I lie.
I bought 3 A3 frames for my Inglourious Basterds posters.

a popcorn machine.
military jacket.
someone "real" to talk to :)
faster internet.
the following movies to be out... NOW:
I Am Number Four

to lose weight.
who'd thought that you had to eat to lose weight.


my novel for NANOWRIMO. 
50,000 words in a month. 
I signed up. 
I don't know if I can do it, but I'm going to try.

everything I eat this week.
I have to show it to my WW leader.
yep I have WW homework

Inspired by...
honestly? right at this moment.
I know it's sad.

I can't believe it's October already =(

Princess Geek  

01 October 2010


lose more than 2 kgs.
plan novel for NaNoWriMo.
Pay off at least $200 on my credit card (and not spend it) [paid so far... $100/$200]
Save at least $200.

DVDs to buy/watch this month.
Disneys' Beauty & The Beast [to buy]
Legion [to buy]
The A Team [to buy]
Iron Man 2 [to watch]

Films to see in the CINEMA
RED (if we even get it down here)

TV Shows to watch
Lie To Me Season 2 & 3
Glee Season 2
Dollhouse Season 1 (yes, I'm very behind)

As well as working NEARLY every day this month. It's going to be pretty busy. I'm going to try and walk at least 3 times a week. =D

Here it goes.

Princess Geek