26 November 2010

Day 04 - Your Views on Religion

Coming from a non-practicing, but proud Roman Catholic, with an epically Roman Catholic grandmother... honestly, I love it. I love the "mythology" surrounding Catholicism, I've always loved the stories from the bible, but I see them more as stories than truths. I like the ideals that religion holds... all religions, Karma, the importance of family, the ten commandments. But as for the idea that some single being created all life on earth, that's a little bit far fetched (don't you think?) They have pretty much proved Evolution, HUMANS have created something from nothing.

I hate that wars are fought under the guise of religion. I hate people discriminating against others because of their religions. I find other religions really interesting, I pride my self (oh no... isn't pride a deadly sin!?) on learning new things, I never ever want to stop learning. I hate ignorant people, just because something is different, it's not worth their effort to learn more about it. I admit some of my opinions are based on things I don't know very much about, and I am sometimes quick to judge, but I am human.

As for faith. I have faith, I sometimes pray to god. I know he's there (and yes to me he is this old man with a long white beard.... kinda like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings), he's there, I don't know where, I don't know why, but it's nice to know that there is someone/thing there. I also believe in angels. I believe children's imaginary friends are angels. As children you need someone to be right next to you, to help you learn, but as you get older the angels slowly move into the background, so you can live your own life, but they are there, watching, ready to step in when you really need them, but no one, really needs their angels, that's why we don't see them very much. Angels' freaking rule. Who wouldn't want wings?!



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