30 November 2010

For Sale

The house is on the market :( For Sale sign and all. I knew it would be there after work, but when I turned onto my street and saw it there I had to actually stop my car because I was so upset. I knew it would be there, it still felt like it was a utter surprise. You can't possibly understand how much I don't want someone to buy this house, the fact that this Christmas will be the last in this house, the fact that someone else will be sleeping in my room. But maybe it's time for someone else to makes some memories in this house. But my stupid pessimistic brain keeps bringing me back to one thing "what if the people who buy it, knock it down and build units on the block? what if all my memories are bulldozed down to a pile of rubble?" I hate "what ifs" they drive me crazy. I need to come to terms that this house is not always going to be here. On the plus side, the real estates agents (yes all 18 of them that apparently wandered through the house today... I don't know because I was at my appointment with Hazel) really like the house and they think we won't have any problems getting the amount we asked for.

BUT... BUT... BUT... now I need to clean my room and make it looked "uncluttered" by Thursday so the agent can take photos.... "uncluttered" is a word that I don't understand, let alone my room ever being in the state of. Plus... home opens... OMFG... I'm fine with people looking at photos of my room... they can go onto my LiveJournal and look at the post I did for ourbedrooms... 17 photos of my room, but having a stranger actually walk into my room and look at my stuff, that's a completely different matter. It's just depressing for everyone involved, but like Hazel said, it's just another adventure, and even planned adventures are scary. *sigh*



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