22 November 2010

I Hate Money

So my $11,900 course has just become even more expensive. I need a Apple Mac in order to do some of the design units... It wouldn't be a problem if Macs' where cheap... but they're not. I now need to save $2,500 to get a mac. I could just get the entry level 21.5inch one, but I can spend an extra $500 and get a 27inch one. So that's it. I am currently in savings mode. I went into the local Apple re-seller to actually see the size of the 27incher... and OH MY FUCKING GOD... I'm in LOVE!

Tomorrow I have the day off, well I'm working in the evening, so I'm going to clean my room and do a post on ourbedrooms on Livejournal. It's been awhile since my last one, and I've moved my bed around. I tried to clean my room before my birthday but failed. It's a little cleaner, but not much. I packed most of my DVDs into my cupboard and moved some books and magazines onto the shelves. They look very bare at the moment.


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