04 November 2010

Movies & Their Posters

Predators is out on DVD and Blu-Ray next week.
I also discovered that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is out in December... how long ago was it in the cinema? about 3 months. The gap between theatrical release and DVD release is getting smaller.
I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet. As much as I HATE HATE HATE Michael Cera, I'm looking forward to it. Also looking forward to watching Predators again.... but I'm sure you all remember why....

The A Team posters finally showed up at work. I was starting to think that they would never show up and that I traded the Legion poster for nothing.... (even though I brought my own Legion poster) but they did show up.... only 3 weeks after the release date. They're not as nice as I was expecting. I wish that they looked like the Blu-Ray cover.
I'm so glad that I bought my own Predators posters, because the ones we got at work as so crap. They're the same poster, but the ones at work are really pixeley and have a strange orange tinge, where mine are really clear and more red/green.
I LOVE Movie posters. Too bad, I've run out of room for them =(

Princess Geek  


  1. we all remember that you loved predator for poo boy :) haha! sorry about last night on msn my comp cut out then aaron came home with a movie to watch (get him to the greek) <3

  2. don't stress. I was in and out all night anyway.
    Did you enjoy Get Him To The Greek? I love Russell Brand =D