19 November 2010

Things I Love Friday.

It's becoming more of a habit then an accident. Oh well. Here it is anyway.

Today is my last day of being 23. Tomorrow I turn 24 and start my 25th year on this planet. How do I feel? Excited, a little sad maybe (but not because of my birthday, because of other things that are completely out of my control). I had planned a huge 80s inspired do, but that went out the window, now I'm just having a BBQ with family and some friends.... but by the looks of the planning, it's going to be reminiscent of my party.... when I turned 5.... not that I'm complaining.

I got my letter of acceptance into CATC Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Design and Decoration)... YAY... and the fee structure.... not YAY! Luckily I can apply for VET-HELP (which means the Government pays for it all, and I pay them back once I start earning over $35,000 a year) I'm excited and scared.... it's a lot of money.... I will need a new computer (a Mac... but I'm not complaining too much about that.... just the price) I've applied for Apple Financing... but I don't think I'll get it, because I already have a credit card and a personal loan... I tried to up the loan and was told I didn't earn enough, which sucks.... considering the loan was so mum could by a car.... that hardly gets used... fine I paid $5,000 off MY car, but now I can't get a loan.... (I need to stop using "...." this post looks a little dotty :D)

My Interior Design TUMBLR now has 50 followers. It's still at the bottom of the first page of the directory. I need to start posting my own photos instead of just reblogging them all.


Also, if you haven't already noticed... I'm back on Facebook. I don't know how long for, you'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway. Have a nice weekend.

Princess Geek  

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