25 November 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

new shelves. $19.98 each from Bunnings. They took about an hour to put together, but it was worth it. I love exposed metal shelving. Now, what to put on them? (I also moved my bed... but that news was SOOO last week)

simon pegg. in all his nerdy goodness. Seriously, you have to get a hold of the Nerd Do Well audiobook. I'm sure the book is hilarious, but the audiobook (which is read by Simon Pegg) is beyond EPIC... it's even beyond FUCKING EPIC.... it's just *squee*

haversacks. ie. canvas bags. like the one they use in the military. I ordered 2 from an Army Surplus store. One in black that cost $5.50, and another in Khaki which is a little smaller for $4.95. The shipped from Perth today, so they should be here next week.
I got the Khaki one in black, and the Black one in Khaki... yeah I know I'm strange. I wanted green but they had sold out. But for $5.50 each I can just keep checking and order it later.

band of brothers. I don't know why I didn't watch this sooner. I've heard of it, I was interested in watching it a couple years ago but couldn't find it anywhere so I gave up. But since The Pacific has been released, Band of Brothers has been re-released. I love the epic-ness of the casting. So many familiar faces... Simon Pegg, Micheal Fassbender, James McAvoy, Tom Hardy.... plus Damian Lewis and Scott Grimes (yum)
main cast of Band of Brothers.
Damian Lewis
Micheal Fassbender
I finished it last night, and cried like a little girl when they did the "Where are they now" and when they finally put the names to the old men talking about the war before the episodes. I knew that they were the orignals, the real people that the actors played, it was just overwhelming seeing their names there. Some of them, including Damian Lewis' character are still alive today.

actually doing a "Things I Love Thursday" post on Thursday. go me! I'm awesome.

xmas wishlist. it's not very long... and the only thing I really really want is an iMac, but I know that's not going to happen.

you. cos you're awesome.


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