26 November 2010

What I Carry.

My new bags arrived this morning. I'm glad I ordered 2. The one that I originally wanted in black is quite big and is more an overnight bag, while the khaki one is the prefect size, and I actually love the colour. I still want a green one. Anyway. Here it is... If you, awesome readers, are anything like me, you love to check out what's in other peoples' bag (hence why my job at Target as a greeter/bag checker is awesome :D)

What I Carry 26.11.10

Bag = Khaki Haversack. $4.95 from Army Surplus store. Added badges for awesomeness.

What I Carry 26.11.10

I've had these badges forever. The Iron Cross and the skull sewn on because I don't want them to fall off. I found the most "military" badges I own. I did good :)

What I Carry 26.11.10

Planner = Moleskine 2010 Weekly Planner. It's full, there is only 5 weeks left of 2010 (so much for it being MY year... EPIC FAIL) I spilled water on it so some of the pages are stuck together and some ink has ran.

What I Carry 26.11.10

Phone = iPhone 3GS with epic new wallpaper from the Adventures on Simon Pegg Digital comic. The story is taken from Simons' autobiographical book Nerd Do Well. It's a fun way to split up his memoirs.

What I Carry 26.11.10

Awesomeness = Murdock action figure. I make sure he's sitting right at the top of my bag, so when people ask to check my bag the first thing they see if him. LOL. I'm not ashamed. No one is yet to recognise him :(

That's it. There are more photos and more information on Flickr. I want who ever is reading this to show me what's in your bag. You don't have to go into this much detail.


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  1. I haven't done a "What's in my bag?" post in a few weeks, but here's my one and only (so far):


    I am also currently using a bag from the army surplus store. *Great minds think alike.*