30 December 2010

Things I Love Thursday. 2010 Edition

I have a very special Things I Love Thursday for you today, since it's the last EVER Thursday of 2010, I'm going to bring you the "Things I Love" of all year!

Had a movie night at my friends house and we watched Star Trek. It was the first time she had ever seen anything Star Trek, and lets just say.... she's in LOVE.
Inglourious Basterds & District 9. January was the beginning of 2 new obsessions... Eli Roth & Sharlto Copley.

SOUNDWAVE. Best line-up to date. AFI, Placebo, Paramore and HIM. The day was awesome, there was so many people, it was hot, but it was awesome.

My baby cousins' first birthday. Even if people I didn't like were at the party, it was still awesome. Logan is so big now (considering he's almost 2 now, and now has a baby brother or sister on the way)
Doctor Who Series 5 started on ABC1. Matt Smith is great, but not as good as David Tennant

iPad pre-order. So excited. Sent the next month counting down the days.
iPad released. Spent the whole day sitting at my window waiting for the courier to show up. When he did I was so excited.

The A Team @ the cinema. It was completely worth it.
Muse tix onsale.
The Emma Invasion. Even if it was only for a couple of hours.
SUPANOVA. Met anime voice actor Vic Mignogna, he was pretty awesome.
Melbourne Trip with Tahlia to see the Tim Burton exhibition. It was beyond EPIC. Was the best thing about 2010.

30 Seconds To Mars concert. Even though I was sick it was still awesome
Predators @ the cinema.

Joined Weight Watchers
Got a job at Target
Watched Legion (new obsession with Kevin Durand)

Red @ the cinema

Started seeing a councilor. I see this as a good thing. I feel a lot better with myself now. I'm going to start seeing her again next year.
Applied for Diploma of Commercial Arts at CATC and got in :)
My 24th Birthday.

Tron: Legacy @ the cinema (new and current obsession with Michael Sheen)

That's it. It was a pretty good year, until late October, but this post is about "Things I Love"
How was everyones' year? comment or do your own post (as long as you let me know) Tomorrow I have an epic 2010 post, which I did last year. So stay tuned.


28 December 2010

"Gulliver's Travels" Pretty Much Sucked...

... but it was saved by this man...
... Chris O'Dowd, better known as Roy from The IT Crowd. He is the only thing that makes this movie worth watching. Jack Black is embarassing annoying, Jason Segal is irratating with his stupid "English" accent and Emily Blunt is just soooooo over the top and lame it's not funny. Billy Connelly and Catherine Tate are pretty much playing themselves, at least Chris is nothing like Roy and that's what makes it great. His character, General Edward Edwardian is epic, he's the commander of the Lilliput army and is "courting" the Princess, who doesn't love him, she loves Horatio (played by Jason Segal) etc etc. He's like a cat in a military suit, he jumps from high heights and does flips and lands on his feet (it is extremely over the top) and as Gulliver (Jack Black) becomes more popular amongst the people of Lilliput, General Edward becomes less, and his attire become more shabby.... until the end when he's in control of a Gulliver sized robot... Every scene with Chris O'Dowd in it is hilarious, every scene without him is just plain bad.

I wish I could find some more stills to show you, but my internet is shaped and there doesn't seem to be very many yet. I had to do mine own from the Trailer. But you can watch the trailer and see for yourself.

So if you want, go see it at the cinema, but it might be better (and less waste of money) if you wait until it's out of DVD, I'm sure it won't be long.

2 out of 5 stars for the film... 5 out of 5 stars for Chris O'Dowds' performance.


26 December 2010

Boxing Day Rambles

I swear to god I saw this man today...
... but then I stopped and thought about it... why the fuck would NICHOLAS HOULT be in Albany? But seriously, this guy was the splitting image of him...

So how was everyones' Christmas? Mine was good, had most of the family over for lunch. All my mum's siblings except for one (who wasn't invited... but that's a story I don't go into anymore) and their families plus some extras, my Uncles mum and nephew (not in my family). It was a little bit sad because it was the last Christmas in this house. I got an awesome pressie, we do Secret Santa so we don't have to buy everyone presents. I got a $30 Sanity voucher and a Perfume gift pack, that smells soooooo nice.

From my family I got Band Of Brothers on Blu-Ray, a bag of gummi-bears (whose contents now reside in my tummy), Green Muse tee (that my sister got for me at the Muse concert), a giant chocolate coin, and Kaitlin (my sister) made me a cross stitch of all the different Marios in Super Mario Bros 3 (it's awesome... I will post a photo as soon as I find my camera (which I misplaced Christmas day)) and from mum.... I'm so excited, an IOU, when the house sells and we get the money, she's going to give me money to buy my iMac... I'm quite excited :D

Christmas was good. It was nice having the whole family around. Now I have the new year to look forward too. Hoping it will be better than this year, which sucked because 2010 was suppose to be the year of the Tiger, which is my year and it failed epically.

Anyway off to watch Doctor Who.


25 December 2010


Merry Christmas Readers.
Have an excellent day, don't eat too much and don't get too drunk... a little bit drunk is okay :)

lots of love

24 December 2010

New Stuff.

So I pimped my blog. I was going to leave it until the new year, but I have decided to do it now. So check it out. I've also started organizing all the lists I have to do next year... ie The Movie List, The Book List and 365 in 365.

I've also added some images and gadgets to the sidebar (yep, I have a sidebar again) and I updates my pages. Also added a new banner (which is technically an old banner) So I'm all blogged out for this evening, so here's a picspam of sexy men for you.

If I don't blog tomorrow (but I most likely will), have a Merry Christmas etc. :)


Book List 2011

1. GOAL: to Read 12 books or more in 2011.
2. I will keep track of how many I read.
3. Includes First time and re-reads. Comics will be included but not counted (unless they're huge)
4. Feel free to recommend me books, any kind.
5. Please refrain from commenting if your sole purpose is to criticize this endeavor.

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
started. 21/09/10 (is that cheating?)
status. incomplete - Chapter 15. No longer covered in dust.

Movie List 2011

Movie List 2010 can be found here (but I stopped recording in April... and I was including EVERY movie I watched) This time, however, I will only record first time viewings.

1. GOAL: to watch 100 movies or more in 2011.
2. I will keep track of how many I watch.
3. First time & first remembrance movies only.
4. Feel free to recommend me movies, any kind.
5. Please refrain from commenting if your sole purpose is to criticize this endeavor or my movie choices.

  1. Despicable Me - "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (04.01.11)
  2. Arthur And The Revenge of Maltazard - nowhere as good as the first. ♥ (04.01.11)
  3. Tangled 3D [cinema] - AWESOME. Pascal and Maximus were the best. Now obsessed with calling all my Sims "Flynn Ryder" ♥ (07.01.11)
  4. Four Lions - Funny, but slightly disturbing. ♥ (09.01.11)
  5. The Sorcerers Apprentice - Excellent. I really don't think Disney can go wrong. ♥ (10.01.11)
  6. Eat Pray Love - Could of been better. Currently reading the book, the book has more impact on me. They could of cast it better. ♥ (19.01.11)
  7. Easy A - Awesome movie, but can't understand why anyone would willingly put themselves through that. Also Stanley Tucci and Thomas Hayden Church pretty much ruled this movie! (24.01.11)
  8. Stormbreaker - older movie that I haven't watched before. Mikey Rourke blue eye shadow scared me, but Damian Lewis and Ewan McGregor made it all better :) (24.01.11)
  9. Dinner For Schmucks - Everyone said "it's shit, don't watch it" but I loved it. (25.01.11)
  10. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole - I avoided it, because of the Australian cast, but when I sat down and watched it, it was amazing. I loved Digger the best. (31.01.11)
  11. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Was better than I was expecting. Quite funny. (03.02.11) 
  12. You Again ♥ (07.02.11)
  13. MacGruber - BAD! It was silly and stupid, and I pretty much missed most of it, because I was too busy playing World Of Goo on my iPad (that's how "good" it was!)  (14.02.11)
  14. The Libertine (the French one, not the Johnny Depp one) - Surprisingly good, considering I had to read it. Had lots of nudity (male and female) and was very risque, but fun to watch. Funny and sexy, what more do you need♥ (18.02.11)
  15. 54 (19.02.11)
  16. Faintheart - Watched it because it had Amazing Phil in it. Loved all the geeky references. (19.02.11)
  17. I Am Number Four [cinema] - This movie was awesome. It had the right amount of action, romance, suspense, comedy. the bad guys were scary as fuck, and the cast was nice to look at. Was worried that "Quinn" from Glee, would be too "Quinn" from Glee, but she was really good. ♥ (25.02.11)
  18. The Social Network - Not sure if I liked it or not, and not sure if I'm on Marks' side or not. ♥ (02.03.11)
  19. The Black Cauldron - I'm pretty sure that  have seen it before, but I don't remember so I'm adding it. I remember some parts, but not others. ♥ (09.03.11)
  20. Skyline - excellent special effects, okay story line. Pretty good. ♥ (14.03.11)
  21. Jackass 3 ♥ (15.03.11)
  22. Summer Wars ♥ (16.03.11)
  23. The Switch ♥ (17.03.11)
  24. Agora ♥ (17.03.11)
  25. Greener Mountains ♥ (18.03.11)
  26. Battle: Los Angeles [cinema] ♥ (19.03.11)
  27. The Affair of The Necklace ♥ (20.03.11)
  28. Due Date ♥ (21.03.11)
  29. Unthinkable  (21.03.11)
  30. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  ♥ (28.03.11)
  31. Wild Target  ♥ (29.03.11)
  32. Megamind (04.04.11)
  33. Life As We Know It (06.04.11)
  34. Alpha & Omega (07.04.11)
  35. Monsters (11.04.11)
  36. Rio [cinema]
  37. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One (15.04.11)
  38. The Kings Speech (28.04.11)
  39. Made In Dagenham (28.04.11)

23 December 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It's Christmas Eve Eve :D

Michael Sheen - I've watched Underworld and Laws of Attraction today.

Craig Ferguson, especially his most recent interview with Michael Sheen and this one...

Hilarious. Check out Matts' dance moves.

Not really looking forward to Christmas, but I am looking forward to the start of the new year. 2010 went so fast, and it was so eventful... I didn't really like it very much *sadface* so I'm hoping 2011 will be better. I've currently writing a list of 385 things to do in 385 days. I'm actually going to do them. Some are little and easy (donate blood), some are huge and hard (lose 20kgs) but over the next year I'm going to do it.

Tron. I finally got a hold of a copy. YAY! going to watch it tonight or tomorrow.


Michael Sheen

Someone was "stupid" enough to ask me what other films Michael Sheen was in. So here, for your and mine viewing pleasure, is a list of some. :D

Obviously Tron Legacy as Castor and Twilight New Moon as Aro Volturi (he's not in Eclispse but will be in Breaking Dawn part one and two, and even though I don't want to admit it, I am a little bit excited)

He's played British Prime Minister Tony Blair 3 times, in telemovie The Deal, in academy award winning The Queen and most currently in The Special Relationship (which is currently as new release at work, so I get to walk past it and see him)

He played a Vampire in the Twilight Saga, but it was his role of a "Werewolf" that made him famous. He played the Lycans leader Lucian in all 3 Underworld films.

And he's been lucky enough (from my standards anyway) to have been in a Tim Burton film. Michael did the voice of McTwisp aka the White Rabbit in Tim Burtons' Alice In Wonderland.

I also recently discovered that he's in one of my favourite underratted and forgotten about movies. Timeline. It also stars Gerard Butler, Martin Csokas, Billy Connelly and David Thewlis, but now I can add Michael Sheen to the list. He plays the "bad guy" Lord Oliver.

Obviously, he's been in lots of other films, but I'm not going to go into them all, because well I haven't seen them all... yet. But you can click here to go to IMDB, or you can do it the hard way and type imdb in the address bar and search Michael Sheen yourself, but that seems a little too hard, doesn't it? :D

PERSONAL REMARKS. ie girly squee
I think Michael looks more attractive with facial hair. I've never been a fan of facial hair, but he seems to be one of the few men in the world that looks better with it. Don't you agree?


22 December 2010

Tron Legacy 18/12/10

On Saturday night I went and saw Tron: Legacy in 3D on my own (because I'm awesome) and all I can say is WOW! So here is a mini-review.

PLOT: (stolen from Wikipedia... because I'm too lazy to write my own)

In 1989, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), an innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International, tells his eight-year-old son Sam (Owen Best) about a new "digital frontier" he has created called The Grid, a virtual domain existing inside the ENCOM mainframe. Kevin tells Sam of the two programs helping him, Tron and Clu. Tron keeps The Grid secure, while Clu is tasked with creating the perfect system.
Twenty years later, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), haunted by Flynn's mysterious disappearance, investigates a page from his father's friend and ENCOM executive Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) that originated from a supposedly disconnected number at Flynn's long-shuttered arcade. Exploring the arcade, Sam discovers a concealed door leading to a computer laboratory in the basement. Attempting to discover what his father was doing by calling up the command logs and reissuing the last command entered Sam activates a digitizing laser which transports him to The Grid.
Sam is captured and taken to the game arena where he receives combat armor and an identity storage battle disc from four Sirens, including Gem (Beau Garrett). When Sam attempts to escape he is pitted against Rinzler, a master of the games, who discovers that Sam is not a program, but a User. Sam is taken to Clu, who Sam initially believes is his father. Clu brings Sam into a Light Cycle match with several other programs, and Sam is nearly killed before Quorra (Olivia Wilde) rescues him, taking him to a distant hideout in the Off-Grid Outlands. There, he is reunited with his father Kevin. It is revealed that during The Grid's development the so-called "isomorphic algorithms" (ISOs) manifested out with the potential to unlock mysteries in almost every field of science, religion and medicine. Clu saw the ISOs as imperfect beings and following his programming, betrayed both Kevin and Tron and seized control over The Grid. He then systematically eliminated all ISOs. It is further revealed that the portal to the real world, which takes massive amounts of energy to sustain, cannot be open indefinitely and ultimately closes; it can only be opened from the outside.
Quorra reveals that Kevin can choose to "re-integrate" with Clu at any time, but that the process would destroy them both. Seeing how determined Sam is to go back, Quorra tells him about a program called Zuse who she believes may be able to provide safe passage out of The Grid. Using Flynn’s Light Cycle to travel back onto The Grid, Sam changes identities before the vehicle is detained. While searching for Zuse, Sam encounters Gem, who tells Sam she can lead him to the person he needs to find.
At the End of Line Club, the club owner Castor (Michael Sheen) is revealed to be Zuse, but turns against Sam. Kevin and Quorra arrive to rescue Sam, and Quorra is severely injured when her arm is derezzed. They escape but Kevin's disc is seized by Castor. Kevin, Sam and Quorra are nearly killed when the elevator they are on plummets from the End of Line club. Kevin uses his system creator powers to bring all to a gentle stop. Castor bargains with Clu to be given administration over the city for Kevin’s disc, but Clu takes the disc and destroys the club, derezzing Castor and Gem. Stowing away on a Solar Sailer transport ship, Kevin heals Quorra, now revealed to be the last surviving ISO, bringing her back online. As the ship approaches the portal, Sam and Quorra have a conversation in which Quorra expresses her desire to witness the real world, particularly the sun.
All ultimately arrive at a station within a massive warship. Trying to avoid detection, they encounter Rinzler. Giving her identity disc to Kevin, Quorra attempts to sacrifice herself as a distraction so that Sam and Kevin may safely reach the portal, but she is instead taken captive by Rinzler. Watching Quorra's capture, Kevin sees Rinzler and immediately recognizes him as Tron, reprogrammed to serve Clu. Clu reveals his plans to use Kevin's disc as a means of sending himself and his army into the real world in order to "perfect" it. While Kevin commandeers a flyer, Sam saves Quorra and retakes Kevin's disc.
They head for the portal, pursued by Clu, his guards and Rinzler using Light Jets. Between Quorra's evasive flying and Sam manning a rear turret, they manage to shoot down most of their opponents, leaving only Clu and Rinzler. As their flyer takes damage, Rinzler makes eye contact with Kevin. Rinzler suddenly remembers his original identity as Tron and purposely collides with Clu's Light-Jet. As Clu and Tron fall towards the digital Sea of Simulation, Clu manages to steal Tron's spare Light Jet and continues his pursuit, while Tron sinks into the sea, his red markings fading out to be replaced with his original white.
As Sam, Kevin and Quorra reach the portal, they see their way blocked by Clu. Clu seizes the identity disc from Kevin and is horrified to discover it is actually Quorra's disc. Kevin uses his powers as the creator of the Grid to hold Clu back, and ultimately sacrifices himself by re-integrating with Clu. The two merge and explode as Sam and Quorra transport through the portal back to the real world. While in the basement of Flynn's arcade Sam saves a backup of The Grid on a flashdrive, shuts the server down and meets Alan upstairs. Sam tells Alan he will start working at ENCOM on Monday, and as the controlling interest shareholder of ENCOM, he will name Alan chairman of the board. Sam finds Quorra outside and she asks what they will do now. Sam then takes her on a ride on his motorcycle, showing Quorra the real world.

X - The epic soundtrack from Daft Punk. Never been a fan of Daft Punk, but I bought the soundtrack when it was released and had been listening to it heaps before I saw the film. It's good, but when you hear it in the movie it's EPIC. And the Daft Punk cameo was exciting.

X - Michael Sheen as Castor. I knew it was him straight away (admittaly because the night before I had watched Twilight New Moon (so embarrassed to actually mention that out loud) and I actually dreamt about Aro Volturi, who is also played by Michael Sheen.

Anyway... I feel an obsession starting. May need to rent some more Michael Sheen films :)

X - Cillian Murphy cameo :)

It was so good. You have to see it NOW!



I was going to have an epic post here.
But couldn't think of anything.
I have other things to post about so I'm just going to leave it at this.


17 December 2010


OMG... do you know what this is? This is the 999th post.

I'm going to have to think really hard about the next post.

What's next?


Day 15 - Your Favourite Tumblrs

Obviously this list has come from Tumblr. I really can't be bothered so here is some shameless self-promotion.


That's life :)

Mini Update

I finally received the hard copies of my Interior Design workbooks. 2 huge folders.... FULL! It's a little daunting.

There is a SOLD sticker on the For Sale sign  :'(

I can't believe that it's almost 2011.
There is a lizard on our deck eating Apple. He was trying to get inside this afternoon.
I had work this morning, and I have work this evening.
Muse concert is this Sunday. I would be more excited about it if I didn't have to drive home RIGHT AFTER the concert so I can be at work at 9am on Monday morning :(


16 December 2010

please ignore.

please ignore. this is a maintenance post adding new labels.
by no means leave comments :)


DISCLAIMER: I'm so upset at the moment. I'm shaking and finding it really hard to type. I have work in an hour, that's why I decided to have my emotional breakdown now, I was just holding it in. but I didn't want it to happen at work, so this is it happening now. I don't know who reads this but I just want everyone to know that I do love my parents and family, but sometimes I just don't like them very much.

17 days ago an evil man (who isn't really evil, I just think he is) came and put a for sale sign up in front of our house... well today my parents signed the forms... it's SOLD, the house I've lived in all my life has been sold so complete strangers. Do you know what my mum said to me when I walked into her office this afternoon? "guess what? you're homeless." THANK YOU MUM, IF I WASN'T ALREADY DEPRESSED ENOUGH NOW YOU HAVE TO GO AND BE FUCKING INSENSITIVE. IT'S PERFECTLY FINE FOR YOU TO UP AND FUCKING LEAVE AND THEN PRACTICALLY FORCE DAD INTO SELLING THE HOUSE, AND THEN YOU SAY SOMETHING TO MAKE ME FEEL EVEN MORE DEPRESSED ABOUT MY FUCKING LIFE.

At least the people who have bought our house seem nice. They've been to look at the house twice, they're from Perth, the man is an artist (I don't what sort) and the women is a Chinese Herbalist (or something) They have 3 children (aged between 8-13 it seems, I'm not really sure) and because they're from Perth, they won't be moving to Albany until June, so they are letting us rent the house until then. It's going to be hard. Apparently after Death of a close family member, Parents splitting up and moving house are the 2 of the most stressful things ever... I've got to deal with both, plus added work stress, the stress of studying, money problems, weight issues... blah blah blah....



12 December 2010


Thinking of getting my haircut again. It's getting a bit long. I'm going to get it cut like the above photo, and was thinking of becoming a redhead. I've never been blonde or redhead, I think my features are too dark to be a blonde. I really love the colour in this picture...

But I think that might be too light, and I don't even know if it would be possible without completely wrecking my hair with peroxide. And I'm not sure if it would suit me. Maybe something a little darker.


Let me know what you think.


Day 14 - Your Earliest Memory

Going to the Perth Zoo, being in a pram and getting out to have a look at the monkeys on the island in the middle of the pond. I remember it was my parents and I, and family friends Sue & Peter Isles and their son Michael.


Day 13 - Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

MOVE - Melbourne
VISIT - Italian Riviera
VISIT - Dubrovnik, Croatia
VISIT - Rio De Janerio, Brazil
VISIT - Vatican City