24 December 2010

Book List 2011

1. GOAL: to Read 12 books or more in 2011.
2. I will keep track of how many I read.
3. Includes First time and re-reads. Comics will be included but not counted (unless they're huge)
4. Feel free to recommend me books, any kind.
5. Please refrain from commenting if your sole purpose is to criticize this endeavor.

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
started. 21/09/10 (is that cheating?)
status. incomplete - Chapter 15. No longer covered in dust.


  1. I am so going to 'steal' this. I think I can manage one book a month. But I won't count the books I read with Amaya that would be cheating ;)

  2. I got this for Christmas and really liked it. I read way to much - and buy way to many books!! This was a good book, wipe off the dust and give it a go. I am hoping that this it going to be the first in a series, I needed more at the end of it. I have also just read the Tommorrow when the war began series of books, and they are a good read - maybe give them a go.

  3. u shud add walk bluff knoll 2 ur list of 365 in 365