26 December 2010

Boxing Day Rambles

I swear to god I saw this man today...
... but then I stopped and thought about it... why the fuck would NICHOLAS HOULT be in Albany? But seriously, this guy was the splitting image of him...

So how was everyones' Christmas? Mine was good, had most of the family over for lunch. All my mum's siblings except for one (who wasn't invited... but that's a story I don't go into anymore) and their families plus some extras, my Uncles mum and nephew (not in my family). It was a little bit sad because it was the last Christmas in this house. I got an awesome pressie, we do Secret Santa so we don't have to buy everyone presents. I got a $30 Sanity voucher and a Perfume gift pack, that smells soooooo nice.

From my family I got Band Of Brothers on Blu-Ray, a bag of gummi-bears (whose contents now reside in my tummy), Green Muse tee (that my sister got for me at the Muse concert), a giant chocolate coin, and Kaitlin (my sister) made me a cross stitch of all the different Marios in Super Mario Bros 3 (it's awesome... I will post a photo as soon as I find my camera (which I misplaced Christmas day)) and from mum.... I'm so excited, an IOU, when the house sells and we get the money, she's going to give me money to buy my iMac... I'm quite excited :D

Christmas was good. It was nice having the whole family around. Now I have the new year to look forward too. Hoping it will be better than this year, which sucked because 2010 was suppose to be the year of the Tiger, which is my year and it failed epically.

Anyway off to watch Doctor Who.


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