05 December 2010

Current Fangirl Mood

Stolen from VanessaValkyria

Mood: Content but bordering on depressed. Wondering how a orange Nerd lolly ended up in my keyboard. Little sad that I wasn't invited to go to the movies with my mother and sister.

Reading: Predator vs. Judge Dredd and Alien vs. Judge Dredd comics on my iPad. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. Course information for my Interior Design Course. Yaoi ebooks thanks to Kindle.

Watching: Lie To Me season 02. Saving Private Ryan. Jackass. might go see Due Date tonight.

Listening: iTunes playlist. featuring lots of songs.

Next trip to: Perth for Muse. 2 weeks today. Hoping to get to IKEA to pick up a 2011 catalogue.

Playing: Sims 3 (trying to turn my whole city into Vampires.

Obsession: Tim Roth. Interior Design books. reading comics on my iPad

Next Wishlist: more Interior Design books (it's actually quite hard to find good ones). Grand Designs Season 1 - 7 box set.

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