28 December 2010

"Gulliver's Travels" Pretty Much Sucked...

... but it was saved by this man...
... Chris O'Dowd, better known as Roy from The IT Crowd. He is the only thing that makes this movie worth watching. Jack Black is embarassing annoying, Jason Segal is irratating with his stupid "English" accent and Emily Blunt is just soooooo over the top and lame it's not funny. Billy Connelly and Catherine Tate are pretty much playing themselves, at least Chris is nothing like Roy and that's what makes it great. His character, General Edward Edwardian is epic, he's the commander of the Lilliput army and is "courting" the Princess, who doesn't love him, she loves Horatio (played by Jason Segal) etc etc. He's like a cat in a military suit, he jumps from high heights and does flips and lands on his feet (it is extremely over the top) and as Gulliver (Jack Black) becomes more popular amongst the people of Lilliput, General Edward becomes less, and his attire become more shabby.... until the end when he's in control of a Gulliver sized robot... Every scene with Chris O'Dowd in it is hilarious, every scene without him is just plain bad.

I wish I could find some more stills to show you, but my internet is shaped and there doesn't seem to be very many yet. I had to do mine own from the Trailer. But you can watch the trailer and see for yourself.

So if you want, go see it at the cinema, but it might be better (and less waste of money) if you wait until it's out of DVD, I'm sure it won't be long.

2 out of 5 stars for the film... 5 out of 5 stars for Chris O'Dowds' performance.