24 December 2010

Movie List 2011

Movie List 2010 can be found here (but I stopped recording in April... and I was including EVERY movie I watched) This time, however, I will only record first time viewings.

1. GOAL: to watch 100 movies or more in 2011.
2. I will keep track of how many I watch.
3. First time & first remembrance movies only.
4. Feel free to recommend me movies, any kind.
5. Please refrain from commenting if your sole purpose is to criticize this endeavor or my movie choices.

  1. Despicable Me - "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (04.01.11)
  2. Arthur And The Revenge of Maltazard - nowhere as good as the first. ♥ (04.01.11)
  3. Tangled 3D [cinema] - AWESOME. Pascal and Maximus were the best. Now obsessed with calling all my Sims "Flynn Ryder" ♥ (07.01.11)
  4. Four Lions - Funny, but slightly disturbing. ♥ (09.01.11)
  5. The Sorcerers Apprentice - Excellent. I really don't think Disney can go wrong. ♥ (10.01.11)
  6. Eat Pray Love - Could of been better. Currently reading the book, the book has more impact on me. They could of cast it better. ♥ (19.01.11)
  7. Easy A - Awesome movie, but can't understand why anyone would willingly put themselves through that. Also Stanley Tucci and Thomas Hayden Church pretty much ruled this movie! (24.01.11)
  8. Stormbreaker - older movie that I haven't watched before. Mikey Rourke blue eye shadow scared me, but Damian Lewis and Ewan McGregor made it all better :) (24.01.11)
  9. Dinner For Schmucks - Everyone said "it's shit, don't watch it" but I loved it. (25.01.11)
  10. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole - I avoided it, because of the Australian cast, but when I sat down and watched it, it was amazing. I loved Digger the best. (31.01.11)
  11. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Was better than I was expecting. Quite funny. (03.02.11) 
  12. You Again ♥ (07.02.11)
  13. MacGruber - BAD! It was silly and stupid, and I pretty much missed most of it, because I was too busy playing World Of Goo on my iPad (that's how "good" it was!)  (14.02.11)
  14. The Libertine (the French one, not the Johnny Depp one) - Surprisingly good, considering I had to read it. Had lots of nudity (male and female) and was very risque, but fun to watch. Funny and sexy, what more do you need♥ (18.02.11)
  15. 54 (19.02.11)
  16. Faintheart - Watched it because it had Amazing Phil in it. Loved all the geeky references. (19.02.11)
  17. I Am Number Four [cinema] - This movie was awesome. It had the right amount of action, romance, suspense, comedy. the bad guys were scary as fuck, and the cast was nice to look at. Was worried that "Quinn" from Glee, would be too "Quinn" from Glee, but she was really good. ♥ (25.02.11)
  18. The Social Network - Not sure if I liked it or not, and not sure if I'm on Marks' side or not. ♥ (02.03.11)
  19. The Black Cauldron - I'm pretty sure that  have seen it before, but I don't remember so I'm adding it. I remember some parts, but not others. ♥ (09.03.11)
  20. Skyline - excellent special effects, okay story line. Pretty good. ♥ (14.03.11)
  21. Jackass 3 ♥ (15.03.11)
  22. Summer Wars ♥ (16.03.11)
  23. The Switch ♥ (17.03.11)
  24. Agora ♥ (17.03.11)
  25. Greener Mountains ♥ (18.03.11)
  26. Battle: Los Angeles [cinema] ♥ (19.03.11)
  27. The Affair of The Necklace ♥ (20.03.11)
  28. Due Date ♥ (21.03.11)
  29. Unthinkable  (21.03.11)
  30. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  ♥ (28.03.11)
  31. Wild Target  ♥ (29.03.11)
  32. Megamind (04.04.11)
  33. Life As We Know It (06.04.11)
  34. Alpha & Omega (07.04.11)
  35. Monsters (11.04.11)
  36. Rio [cinema]
  37. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One (15.04.11)
  38. The Kings Speech (28.04.11)
  39. Made In Dagenham (28.04.11)

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