24 December 2010

New Stuff.

So I pimped my blog. I was going to leave it until the new year, but I have decided to do it now. So check it out. I've also started organizing all the lists I have to do next year... ie The Movie List, The Book List and 365 in 365.

I've also added some images and gadgets to the sidebar (yep, I have a sidebar again) and I updates my pages. Also added a new banner (which is technically an old banner) So I'm all blogged out for this evening, so here's a picspam of sexy men for you.

If I don't blog tomorrow (but I most likely will), have a Merry Christmas etc. :)


1 comment:

  1. I love the new look of your blog !!! :D You've a little Tennant hahahaha
    And. well... McGregor... Ewan McGregor... and Jareth Letto... OMG !!! (FAINT)