31 January 2011


I'm seriously the queen of procrastination. I planned today, finish work at 3pm go home and do some school work... it's now 5pm and I am yet to do anything. I have looked at the assessment sheet, but that's about it. It just seems so daunting, like it would be hard and take forever, I'm totally over thinking it.

Speaking of interior design... I need to live like this...
photo by john hanson
Look at all the space, imagine how much fun you could have with that much space. My interior design mind is going crazy with ideas and such. Anyway, enough.... back to work.


26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

First off, Happy Australia Day to all the Australian's around the world.
I'm liking Australia Day today. I'm at home ALL on my own (for the 3rd time today) and I LOVE IT! I have my music up loud, and I'm downloading some pretty epic HI-RES images of sexy men... for example...

you need to see this one full size. look at his eye! *squee*
As well as downloading epic sexiness, I've been pimping my tumblr. It's taken all day because I find a theme I like, change it so I like it, and then I find a better theme, and it continues =D But I think I've finally found something I like.

I did some "school" work today. I finished an assessment, all I need to do now is scan it and send it. But I got an email saying they want all the assessments together, so I have 5 more to do (just for one unit), but it feels good knowing that one is done.

The weight loss is failing, yesterday I had a lapse and ate a whole 1L carton of Cookies and Cream ice cream... 74 fucking points... I only get 51 in a day. I almost died when I saw, I really should of looked it up BEFORE I ate the ice cream. So now I feel really bad about it. I just can't seem to get it right. GARH!

Anyway, I think I'm going to go outside now. BYE-EE


23 January 2011

post a photo...

...of the ONE person you would love to spend the rest of your life with...
karl urban and his hilarious facial expressions.

post a photo...

...that shows how you feel right now...
i do love this, it makes me smile. i love hades.


feeling a bit blah today.
the new owners are going to be here tomorrow.
i really should tidy a little.
but it depresses me.
my mother is here.
i still feel so awkward around her.
no one should feel like that around your own mother.
she's like a different person now.
it's not a bad thing. i'm glad that she's sorting her life out.
i just feel left behind.
things i don't like feeling.
i miss her.
i hate not knowing what sort of things i'll feel when i get up in the morning.
i could of seriously stayed in bed all day today.
but life has to move on.
i have to keep moving forward.
i'm making my life as busy as possible.
so i don't spend much time with my own thoughts.
if my brain is preoccupied with other things
i don't have time to feel sorry for myself.

22 January 2011

001: 100 Things About Me

Over the next year I'm going to post 100 things about myself. Why? So it will be easier for you to stalk me/ steal my completely uninteresting identity... seriously, there really is no point, I owe a lot of money, I don't earn enough to get anymore loans.... I'm probably the worst person to be financially. =D But if you want to be my friend, that's perfectly fine too.

My middle name is Jane - It's the same middle name as my Aunt, who incidentally (and very awesomely) is named Sarah Jane... yes, after the character with the same name in Doctor Who (my grandfather was (and if he saw the new series) would still be, a big fan of Doctor Who)
It's really nothing special. It flows well with my first name, and it's not too outrageous, but not too "old worldly". I'm lucky, my middle name could be something awful.


19 January 2011


Aimee Wilder Wallpaper

I know this is probably more suited for my interior design blog, but it's just so awesome I had to show it here.
robots wallpaper by Aimee Wilder. Isn't it epic?
I like the green/purple one best.
I wish I had $156.00 to spend on wallpaper.
OMG she does samples!!!!
for only $7.00 a sheet.
I just ordered 2 of the one above. The other colours are awesome, but not as cool as that one.


Something About Us (or me!?)

I was lurking on ourbedrooms on livejournal and came across the post I did in December 2009... and well... pretty much nothing has changed LOL! My bed is in a different position, but I still have the same posters on my walls and everything is pretty much the same. I'll have to do one more post of this room, and then I get to do another post of my new room (could of been a whole house... but I'm not going to start that rant again :D) And do you know what I just realised... it's my OLD livejournal account! Speaking of LJ... I actually did a post today... the first one in 4 months. I really need to stay more active there... I think my LJ friends are scared of the internet world outside of LiveJournal. Just Kidding.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The new house owners are coming down this weekend, so I guess I may be told to clean my room. I admit it's a mess and really unorganised, but I really don't see the point, because in a month or two it's all going to go into boxes anyway. I might have a garage sale or something to get rid of some shit I don't need and get some extra money together.

Yep coming from a self proclaimed "Emo music lover"
DAFT PUNK are awesome. And I HATE DANCE MUSIC. But it's not really dance music.
Nigel at work will be saying "I told you so" as he reads this... or his wife reads it out to him.... because I know it will happen.... HI GUYS :)

I do have Tron: Legacy and Nigel to thank... plus their helmets are just AWESOME! Seriously, what's not to love about men in awesome helmets who are good with their hands (speaking of course of their musical skills)
Enough about that.


18 January 2011

Current Desktop

Decided to lighten my mood a little by setting a new desktop background I found. It's quite relevant.
 I haven't seen many episodes of How I Met Your Mother, but I love Barney, and of course Neil Patrick Harris. you can find the wallpaper here if you want to use it too.



the real estate agent rang. We got the house and I had to say thanks but no thanks. I'm so happy that we got it, but completely shattered that I had to say no. I'm so over crying. I can't believe how close I got, but it now feels so far away. Might just stay at home for the rest of my life.


17 January 2011


Up 100 grams. But not disappointed. It's that WHOLE LARGE PIZZA I ate last night back to haunt me.

Guess where my little sister Alex and I are going to be this time next year? In New Zealand. We have decided to go to New Zealand for her 18th birthday. Why? Just because... and to stalk Karl Urban.... but mostly because New Zealand is AWESOME!
Speaking of Alex, for some reason there seems to be extra pictures in my pictures folder, and they all have something in common.... THIS MAN....
So Alex, if you're reading this and wondering why those images of Benedict Cumberbatch aren't on you USB... they're on my computer, and you're never having them back. HE'S MINE NOW!


I Need Turquoise Hair

Weight watchers today. Did I mention last week was the first time I'd been since 13th December? Did I also mention that over that period (ie Christmas/New Year) I DIDN'T PUT ANY WEIGHT ON!!! I STAYED THE SAME! I was so excited. I was not going to go because I was sure I'd put on a tonne, but I hadn't. GO ME! Random photo of girl with awesome hair to celebrate. WOO!
Hopefully today I've made another loss. I still haven't managed to get the hang of it yet, I'm still being lazy and unmotivated... but I'm feeling a lot better about it. The weight watchers iphone app helps HEAPS. I guess we'll see in 30 minutes or so.

I'm not moving out. Now wipe the shock off your faces and listen. The roomie decided she wanted to wait a little bit longer, and get some money together first, and I can't afford to move out on my own, so I'm going to continue to bludge off my father. So if the real estate agent rings and offers us the house with applied for... I have to say no, which means we lose the Option Fee... which pretty much means we paid $260 to submit a form. I'm a little angry, but I think it would be a good thing to wait. We did kinda rush into it. I did a huge post yesterday about it, while I was sad and emotional, but I didn't post it, and never will.

Anyway I'm off to Weight Watchers... stay tuned for results. =D


13 January 2011

Guess What I Did Today?

Today I (or I should say Shannon and I) submitted an application for a rental house, 100 metres from Target, 3 bedroom and pretty much perfect for everything we need. It's a very stressful experience, and scary, but exciting. So the next week is going to be long, waiting for the Yay or Nay reply from the Real Estate agent... everyone pray for a YAY! The real estate agent was quite optimistic about it, but in saying that you can never really tell with real estate agents. FINGERS CROSSED.

I know I'm ready to move out. The reason why I never did before is I'm a little bit of a mummys girl :) and I didn't think I could live without her, but she fixed that by moving out herself. It will be sad to be away from Alex and Kaitlin and Dad and the kitties, but one day down the track I can get my own kitty. Shannon wants a small dog, and I want a kitty, we'll have to get them at the same time so they can be peeps.



05 January 2011

I've Given Up Thinking Of Names

Back at work today, and what a day. At 8.45 this morning it was 28 degrees Celsius. 28! at 9am... in ALBANY! Blasphemy. I was awful, I was so glad that I was going to work... nice air conditioned work, where I can stand at the checkout, under the air con and just be cool all morning... WRONG! I got to work, served one customer and then was asked to help put stock away in ladies ware. I'm not complaining, it was a pretty awesome job, I loved it, but all the moving around and carrying clothes made me very hot and sweaty. It was gross. But I did enjoy it, and when I was finally called back to the checkouts I only had 45 minutes left of my shift. YAY!
When I walked out of work it was hot, probably mid thirties, but it was very gloomy, and the second I got into my car it bucketed down, and the second I pulled into my driveway at home there was a huge crash of thunder, and it's pretty much been rainy, hot and thundery since.

Currently (it's 8pm) there are cars coming up our normally quiet street. The highway has been closed because there has been a crash. When I went to get my sister dinner at 7.30 there was 2 ambulances, 2 fire engines and 3 police cars. From what I saw, there seemed to only be one car, but they did have the jaws of life out. I hope everyone is okay. But do you know what pisses me off... the 50 or so people crowded around watching, with the phones out taking photos. It makes me sick. I just drove past, I didn't park my car and then go and take photos. If I was ever in a car crash and had to be cut from the vehicle I would hate the fact that people are taking photos of me, and sending them to their friends, or posting them on the internet. Sometimes, people sicken me :(

Anyway, the general message I'm trying to get across is... IT'S HOT!


04 January 2011

Emotional Rambles

Feeling sad and depressed today. My nose hurts because I got sunburnt, I miss having my mum at home and the prospects of moving out scares me. I think I want to move out, I think I'm ready, it's just scary, and it's not like I don't want to leave my home (well I do, but whether I move out on my own or not, we still have to move out anyone, because it's sold). The idea of someone living in the house I've lived in for 24 years is very sad, but I know I don't have a choice. The sheer enormity of the task of packing up my room is actually starting to give me nightmares. There are pros and cons of moving out with a friend.

  • more room for all my shit.
  • social factors (not sure if it's a pro or a con :D)
  • Possibly of getting my own cat (roommate wants dog :D)
  • Away from family.

  • pay more rent (max $150 a week, as opposed to $100 a fortnight board)
  • tiny room if I stay at home. won't be able to fit everything in my room now, into a tiny room.
  • Can't paint/renovate rental.
  • Away from family.
  • Extra costs (for appliances, power, water, gas etc.)
I realise there are more CONS at the moment. Doesn't matter how many times I write this PRO/CON list, I can't afford to move out at the moment. I was going to go in and resign from Blockbuster this morning, but Boss is away, and I really need all the extra money I can make, so there really is no way I can resign until I have more shifts at Target, or another second job. Did I ever mention before, how much I HATE money?

And to add to all the other stress, I'm trying to decide if I should withdraw from my course. I haven't done any work on it yet, and with all this shit that's going on I'm not really in the right frame of mind to do it, but my problem is, I have until 27th January to withdraw and not have to pay anything, after that date I have to pay a certain percentage.... but if I withdraw before that date... what if I regret it later? I just had a look at the withdrawal policies and it looks harder to withdraw than it does to just finish the course. And knowing me, this is just a faze I'm going through because I'm feeling a little depressed. I think I need to get myself organised. I've started the new year a mess, literally, emotionally, physically and mentally, so I need to clean up. And that is where I'll leave you today. Back into real life mode tomorrow.


02 January 2011


Actually did outdoorsy family stuff today (well minus Kaitlin, whose currently in Perth dying of heat!) We, as in Mum, Dad, Alex, Aunty Jo, Uncle Brian, Aunty Sarah, Uncle Justin, Logan and I went out to Waychinicup Inlet (it's a sheltered rocky bay, prefect for kayaking, fishing, swimming etc.) and well did all those things I just mentioned plus more. Logan (whose almost 2) and I built sandcastles... well I built, he just knocked them down and giggled evilly. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos. I took my camera, but forgot :( I did however SWIM. Yep I swam, for the first time in like a million years, and it was awesome. But after I forgot to put new sunscreen on and got a little bit sunburnt on my nose, luckily I don't have work until Wednesday. Hopefully it will not be as red then. I was fun!

Here's a photo I stole from wikipedia of Waychinicup....
the tide was a lot further out today, there was pretty much NO water between us and those rocks.
Next time I go on an adventure I promise to take photos. I have a new camera I got for my birthday and I've pretty much never used it. It's a lot better for close up people photos, not landscapes.