22 January 2011

001: 100 Things About Me

Over the next year I'm going to post 100 things about myself. Why? So it will be easier for you to stalk me/ steal my completely uninteresting identity... seriously, there really is no point, I owe a lot of money, I don't earn enough to get anymore loans.... I'm probably the worst person to be financially. =D But if you want to be my friend, that's perfectly fine too.

My middle name is Jane - It's the same middle name as my Aunt, who incidentally (and very awesomely) is named Sarah Jane... yes, after the character with the same name in Doctor Who (my grandfather was (and if he saw the new series) would still be, a big fan of Doctor Who)
It's really nothing special. It flows well with my first name, and it's not too outrageous, but not too "old worldly". I'm lucky, my middle name could be something awful.