02 January 2011


Actually did outdoorsy family stuff today (well minus Kaitlin, whose currently in Perth dying of heat!) We, as in Mum, Dad, Alex, Aunty Jo, Uncle Brian, Aunty Sarah, Uncle Justin, Logan and I went out to Waychinicup Inlet (it's a sheltered rocky bay, prefect for kayaking, fishing, swimming etc.) and well did all those things I just mentioned plus more. Logan (whose almost 2) and I built sandcastles... well I built, he just knocked them down and giggled evilly. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos. I took my camera, but forgot :( I did however SWIM. Yep I swam, for the first time in like a million years, and it was awesome. But after I forgot to put new sunscreen on and got a little bit sunburnt on my nose, luckily I don't have work until Wednesday. Hopefully it will not be as red then. I was fun!

Here's a photo I stole from wikipedia of Waychinicup....
the tide was a lot further out today, there was pretty much NO water between us and those rocks.
Next time I go on an adventure I promise to take photos. I have a new camera I got for my birthday and I've pretty much never used it. It's a lot better for close up people photos, not landscapes.


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