23 January 2011


feeling a bit blah today.
the new owners are going to be here tomorrow.
i really should tidy a little.
but it depresses me.
my mother is here.
i still feel so awkward around her.
no one should feel like that around your own mother.
she's like a different person now.
it's not a bad thing. i'm glad that she's sorting her life out.
i just feel left behind.
things i don't like feeling.
i miss her.
i hate not knowing what sort of things i'll feel when i get up in the morning.
i could of seriously stayed in bed all day today.
but life has to move on.
i have to keep moving forward.
i'm making my life as busy as possible.
so i don't spend much time with my own thoughts.
if my brain is preoccupied with other things
i don't have time to feel sorry for myself.

1 comment:

  1. bmaybe losing yourself in a good book or movie will distract you for a while :(