13 January 2011

Guess What I Did Today?

Today I (or I should say Shannon and I) submitted an application for a rental house, 100 metres from Target, 3 bedroom and pretty much perfect for everything we need. It's a very stressful experience, and scary, but exciting. So the next week is going to be long, waiting for the Yay or Nay reply from the Real Estate agent... everyone pray for a YAY! The real estate agent was quite optimistic about it, but in saying that you can never really tell with real estate agents. FINGERS CROSSED.

I know I'm ready to move out. The reason why I never did before is I'm a little bit of a mummys girl :) and I didn't think I could live without her, but she fixed that by moving out herself. It will be sad to be away from Alex and Kaitlin and Dad and the kitties, but one day down the track I can get my own kitty. Shannon wants a small dog, and I want a kitty, we'll have to get them at the same time so they can be peeps.



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  1. Eee! Congrats and good luck! It's super fun living away from home!