26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

First off, Happy Australia Day to all the Australian's around the world.
I'm liking Australia Day today. I'm at home ALL on my own (for the 3rd time today) and I LOVE IT! I have my music up loud, and I'm downloading some pretty epic HI-RES images of sexy men... for example...

you need to see this one full size. look at his eye! *squee*
As well as downloading epic sexiness, I've been pimping my tumblr. It's taken all day because I find a theme I like, change it so I like it, and then I find a better theme, and it continues =D But I think I've finally found something I like.

I did some "school" work today. I finished an assessment, all I need to do now is scan it and send it. But I got an email saying they want all the assessments together, so I have 5 more to do (just for one unit), but it feels good knowing that one is done.

The weight loss is failing, yesterday I had a lapse and ate a whole 1L carton of Cookies and Cream ice cream... 74 fucking points... I only get 51 in a day. I almost died when I saw, I really should of looked it up BEFORE I ate the ice cream. So now I feel really bad about it. I just can't seem to get it right. GARH!

Anyway, I think I'm going to go outside now. BYE-EE


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