05 January 2011

I've Given Up Thinking Of Names

Back at work today, and what a day. At 8.45 this morning it was 28 degrees Celsius. 28! at 9am... in ALBANY! Blasphemy. I was awful, I was so glad that I was going to work... nice air conditioned work, where I can stand at the checkout, under the air con and just be cool all morning... WRONG! I got to work, served one customer and then was asked to help put stock away in ladies ware. I'm not complaining, it was a pretty awesome job, I loved it, but all the moving around and carrying clothes made me very hot and sweaty. It was gross. But I did enjoy it, and when I was finally called back to the checkouts I only had 45 minutes left of my shift. YAY!
When I walked out of work it was hot, probably mid thirties, but it was very gloomy, and the second I got into my car it bucketed down, and the second I pulled into my driveway at home there was a huge crash of thunder, and it's pretty much been rainy, hot and thundery since.

Currently (it's 8pm) there are cars coming up our normally quiet street. The highway has been closed because there has been a crash. When I went to get my sister dinner at 7.30 there was 2 ambulances, 2 fire engines and 3 police cars. From what I saw, there seemed to only be one car, but they did have the jaws of life out. I hope everyone is okay. But do you know what pisses me off... the 50 or so people crowded around watching, with the phones out taking photos. It makes me sick. I just drove past, I didn't park my car and then go and take photos. If I was ever in a car crash and had to be cut from the vehicle I would hate the fact that people are taking photos of me, and sending them to their friends, or posting them on the internet. Sometimes, people sicken me :(

Anyway, the general message I'm trying to get across is... IT'S HOT!


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