01 January 2011

Molly Is...

... excited. I may have found someone awesome to rent a house with. She started out as a friend of a friend, but we're friends now, she's studying art externally through Curtin (I think), she likes all the same music as me, and I think we could co-habitate together with minimal fuss :) Now all I need is more shifts at Target or another second job (I'm going to quit Blockbuster as soon as financially possible) I need at least $300 a week income to afford to pay $100 a week rent, I also get just under $200 a week after tax from Target, so I am pretty close, and after I get some money from mum, I won't have to think too much about credit card payments, so that just leaves $50 a week for my phone/internet and $65 a fortnight for my loan repayments. I think it's within my grasp. Hopefully we can find something in town that's nice. She doesn't have her drivers license, so we'd have to be close to town (but that doesn't bother me) and she has a boyfriend, but he's pretty awesome anyway, so that's not going to be a problem at all. The only downfall is I wouldn't be able to have a cat, because she's allergic, but that is not a problem, because I don't think I would be at home enough to be able to care for a cat.
I feel ready to move out, but I'm scared... I guess everyone gets a little bit scared when they first move out. :)


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