31 January 2011


I'm seriously the queen of procrastination. I planned today, finish work at 3pm go home and do some school work... it's now 5pm and I am yet to do anything. I have looked at the assessment sheet, but that's about it. It just seems so daunting, like it would be hard and take forever, I'm totally over thinking it.

Speaking of interior design... I need to live like this...
photo by john hanson
Look at all the space, imagine how much fun you could have with that much space. My interior design mind is going crazy with ideas and such. Anyway, enough.... back to work.


1 comment:

  1. from one pro-procrastinator to another... I FEEL YA. hope you're getting down to getting your work done though. better late than never (:

    also, that space does look insane. i lovelovelove wide open spaces!