19 January 2011

Something About Us (or me!?)

I was lurking on ourbedrooms on livejournal and came across the post I did in December 2009... and well... pretty much nothing has changed LOL! My bed is in a different position, but I still have the same posters on my walls and everything is pretty much the same. I'll have to do one more post of this room, and then I get to do another post of my new room (could of been a whole house... but I'm not going to start that rant again :D) And do you know what I just realised... it's my OLD livejournal account! Speaking of LJ... I actually did a post today... the first one in 4 months. I really need to stay more active there... I think my LJ friends are scared of the internet world outside of LiveJournal. Just Kidding.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The new house owners are coming down this weekend, so I guess I may be told to clean my room. I admit it's a mess and really unorganised, but I really don't see the point, because in a month or two it's all going to go into boxes anyway. I might have a garage sale or something to get rid of some shit I don't need and get some extra money together.

Yep coming from a self proclaimed "Emo music lover"
DAFT PUNK are awesome. And I HATE DANCE MUSIC. But it's not really dance music.
Nigel at work will be saying "I told you so" as he reads this... or his wife reads it out to him.... because I know it will happen.... HI GUYS :)

I do have Tron: Legacy and Nigel to thank... plus their helmets are just AWESOME! Seriously, what's not to love about men in awesome helmets who are good with their hands (speaking of course of their musical skills)
Enough about that.


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