01 January 2011

The Year Of ME!

Today, my blog is 3 years old. That's pretty amazing.

January 1st 2008 - FIRST EVER POST. I didn't even mean to start blogging on January 1st, but I was at work at the time, and was so bored and I came across a link or another blog and thought why not. I'd been blogging for a year or two before Blogger, but that blog no longer exists online (but it was shit anyway)
January 1st 2009 - This post made me laugh. I state that I won't be blogging that much anymore, that I'm trying to "minimise my reliance on the internet" LOL that failed pretty epically :)
January 1st 2010 - This post is technically January 4th, but it's the first post of the year, and is part 2 of my introduction. It's finny reading the post in 2008 and then this post and see how much I've changed (and not).

I was going to do "introduction 3.0" but you all pretty much know me pretty intimately anyway. Instead I'm going to tell you what I want out of 2011.

Be Healthier.
 I'm not going to say lose weight, because from my past experiences with New Year Resolutions, saying "Lose Weight" is pretty much an automatic fail for me. So "Be Healthier". I want to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. I've decided that I will take a leaf out of my mothers book and make 2011 the year of ME!

Save Money.
This is a big one. I've never in my life, been able to save money. I'm completely useless, I'm a shopaholic. After the house sells, mum is going to give me a substantial sum of money. I'm going to buy my iMac and the rest (which will be able half) will be going onto my credit card. I'm not going to cancel my credit card, but I am going to hide it from myself and NOT USE IT. Then I will be able to stop worrying about all the interest I'm getting charged, and start saving.

A list (which is currently incomplete) of things to do this year. I'm having a hard time thinking of 365 things to do, but so far I've done one, and if you don't tell my mother, I think I'm going to do #13 on Tuesday.

That's really it. Keeping it relatively simple this year. Hope everyone has an awesome new year.


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