13 February 2011

2 New Followers!

2 New Followers! YAY! Hey guys, I tried to follow your blogs but there was no links on your profile :(
Also, the packing is still going (obviously). As of Friday the house now belongs to Mr & Mrs Gates (or from now on to be known as the "Gateses") They're from Perth (like I previously mentioned) and they have 3 kids under 15.... (I think) We are staying here until they move down (at the end of the school term) which is in April. Tomorrow, hopefully, dad will go into the bank and they'll lend us enough money to buy that house we have ours eyes on (which I just learnt might not get ADSL... which means I may have to go wireless... which means back to SLOW internet.... PLEASE MAKE IT BE NOT TRUE) anyway, hopefully dad will get the extra money without any hassle... this, the whole mortgage situation, is the bit that is causing me the most stress at the moment. I know how hard it is to get loans etc, I also know roughly how much money my father makes, and I'm afraid it just won't be enough.... FINGERS CROSSED (AGAIN)
In other news, today I took down my pin board, and poster around my computer. Now it's just a very large purple wall of nothingness... except a Australian Sky & Telescope magazine calendar. (it has pretty pictures in it... pictures like this...)

The plan was to do more packing, but I've got a problem... no more boxes! But I'm doing well... I haven't managed to throw anything out yet. I'm so tempted to just chuck out some boxes without looking in them, they're been under my bed (unopened) for ages... I can't remember when.... but my stupid paranoid self is like "what if, down the track you need something from the box?" BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S IN THE BOX! GAHHHHH!

Stupid box.


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