04 February 2011


Listening... Daft Punk, AFI, Muse, Bonnie Tyler

Reading... I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, Various new Interior Design books.

Watching... I've watched 11 new movies so far this year. Need some suggestions for more.

Buying... Nothing. Waiting patiently for money to buy my iMac.

Wanting... my iMac, to find a nice house to move into. New Karl Urban movie "And Soon The Darkness" is out this month.

Trying... not to let the stress of moving house get to me... and the fact that I get one full day off a fortnight. Working 2 jobs and still don't seem to have any money. ALSO STUDY... still haven't done any yet.

Loving... Sims Medieval vids on YouTube (I can't wait), working at Target, Eating chocolate and red frog lollies... together YUM!

Planning... PACKING. my emotions are so screwed, I'm excited, but upset... it's the weirdest thing ever.

Writing... about my emotions... at length, it a notebook. Usually I'd talk to mum, but she's not here, I should make an appointment to see Hazel again. I think I need it.

Inspired by... the size 18 dress I bought for $8, Etcetra by Sibella Court (the most awesome interior style book I've ever seen), ROBOT WALLPAPER (the samples arrived a couple days ago), Woodlands (thanks to Emma :D)


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