27 February 2011

Meet Gerard

I finally won an eBay auction. Remember how I mentioned I was bidding on 10 different cameras? Well I lost all but ONE. This one....
Kodak Instamatic 277x with three rolls of 126 film. How Much? $2.25 plus $8.30 postage and handling. Emma has named him Gerard, and I think that suits him, so Gerard it is. I'm hoping the film is still good, so I can take some snaps. Then the trick will be finding someone who can develop 126 film (I'm sure there is some in Perth)

From now one, I'm going to bid only on cameras that take 35mm film (that's what is still around). I'm still excited about this one.
But after all this. I'm going to stock ordering things until we've moved house. I don't want to lose anything in mail.


1 comment:

  1. I love 35 mm cameras! I love the feeling you get while you wait to get them developed!