16 February 2011

Meet Jelly Bean

There he is... this is Jelly Bean (yeah I know... random name!) he's amazing, it's pretty much love at first site. He's everything I need in a man, he smart, easy to talk to, fun to play with.... and SEXY! Yeah I know.... I'm crazy (but all the best people are) ISSUES, just the glare problem, but that can be fixed by moving the screen... or even easier, closing my blind, and so becoming a total recluse. DVDs look okay, blown to full screen they're a little pixelated, but it depends on the DVD, Big Bang Theory season one was really pixelated and just bad, where Star Trek was fine, almost unnoticeable, so it depends on how the movie was produced. THE MOUSE IS AWESOME! Beyond awesome. I thought it would be a hassle to use, but it's quite easy... THE SCREEN IS HUGE. I can't have anything maximised because it's just too big, instead (like in the photo) I can pretty much have everything open and viewable at the same time.... Safari (internet), Twitter, Chat, iTunes etc. I have managed to transfer my music, but thats about it, but my external hard drive is connected all the time so it's not hard to access my information. I finally (after hours of playing) got my emails to work through iMail (or whatever it's called) haven't tried iCal, Contacts or any of the iLife series (wait I lie, I used iPhoto to upload the above photo to facebook, without even open the internet browser) I've installed Sims 3, which looks amazing at full resolution (except for the task bar thingy is tiny in the corner... and the controls are different to PC, so thats a little weird) and I haven't plugged in my iPhone or my iPad yet. but I'm about to plug in my iPhone and see what happens.... hopefully all hell doesn't break lose.

Still here. It worked, with no hassle at all. GO APPLE. I went into EB Games today and I was talking the guys and they don't like macs. LOL... what losers :P
Yeah, you tell em Craig


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