04 February 2011

more house moving nonsense.

So today is the day of the settlement of the house, and guess what? we got mail for the new owners. FUCKING ALREADY! It's really thrown me. It was from Water Corp. I don't really know what else to say about the matter. :(

We have been looking at houses. We found one that I like, it's a little bit out of town, on South Coast Highway, but it has double bedrooms, with built in robes, a really awesome retro 50s kitchen, and it just felt comfortable being there. I'm not sure if my sister likes it, she says she doesn't mind, but she's been looking for other houses, I think it's because if we get that house, she's back to sleeping in a sleep out, even though both my other sister and I said we would. We can't move out anyway, because we're stuck in a 10 week lease with the new owners. I really don't want to move out, but I can't wait to be out of this house, it just doesn't feel like it did before :(

My bedroom is a mess, with boxes and shit. I'm trying to throw stuff away but it's hard. I've always been a little bit of a hoarder. It's silly that I can't throw away computer games that don't even work on my computer... maybe I should try and trade them in at EB Games... nope forget that, can't trade PC Games...
Dad brought me home a huge box so I can store my posters without rolling them, it's a bicycle box.

Why does moving have to be so stressful. I'm looking at tips for moving house, and it's making me upset. It's so stupid. I thought when my parents broke up that they wouldn't rush into selling the house, they talked about waiting until Alex had finished school and then BAM the house is on the market. "Oh the house won't sell that quickly..." 10 days later it's fucking sold. I'm actually at a point... once we're in the new house, that if mum wants to come back, I don't really want her back... I know it's mean, but we're rebuilding our home without her, because she chose to leave. It scares me that I can think things like that about my own mother, but I'm just so angry. I'm not blaming her, because my parents break up was equally their own faults, I just miss having her around so much.

Enough with the emotional rants, I'm sure you're all over them. I have work soon anyway.


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