06 February 2011

New Room IDEAS

I thought cleaning my room was hard... packing is a whole other ball game. It's crazy. Usually I'd just push everything into a box and stick it in the corner, but now I actually have to sort it (well I don't, but I'm trying to cull everything so it's better that I cull... May try and sell some on eBay)

My room is a mess... don't believe me, see for youself...

I hate it. I've always been slightly messy, but it was organised chaos... this is just crazy. I don't know how much to cull, I don't know how much room I will have in my new room. I've been trolling IKEA and Ikeahackers for ideas... I'm thinking (if space permits) on doing this...
... buying a collecting of Billy bookshelves (and Benno DVD towers) and then buying a new bed and pushing it up against it. I will probably push my bed against the wall too (because only one person sleeps in my bed :D) I'm also really liking this desk.
I'm going to have everything in white. I already have white wall shelves, and some steel shelves. I'm donating my beech shelves to the new house, to be used where ever, I'm not sure about my glass desk, and the rest of the icky beech furniture I have... I'm sure they'll find a home. I would love one of THESE for my tv (but my TV is huge and won't fit... plus I think I'm going to get rid of it when I get my iMac.

And I'm thinking GREEN walls... or Turquoise. But all that depends on the size of the room I end up... and if I have enough money :)


Will have to just be patient and see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but we're stuck here until April... but hopefully we can find a house before then, and then moving can be done over a week instead of a weekend. FIRST HOPE is that dad makes enough money to get a loan... if not all this goes out the window... that's my biggest fear at the moment... all I can do is pray :)



  1. you have the coolest friggen room i've ever seen in my life!

  2. not for long unfortunatly :( but I plan on making my new room just as awesome.