18 February 2011

News & New Stuff

If you are a facebook friend, or follow me on Twitter you'll know that WE GOT A HOUSE. We actually got the house that we all liked and for $20,000 less than the owners were asking for. But that's all I know at the moment, because I haven't had any time to speak to dad in the last few days. Yesterday was very stressful. Dad put in his final offer and we waited. Kelly (the real estate agent) rang at lunch time and told dad the good news, but dad was feeling very unsure about it, he's worried he can't afford it, because he lost a day at his job, but I think everything will be okay.

ANYWAY NEW STUFF. First off, this new app on my iPhone called Instagram, that lets you take photos and add awesome old school filters to them. If you follow my TUMBLR you would of seen them. My best photo so far is this one...
I love the old school frame and colouring, plus PC is a supermodel when it comes to getting photos taken, unlike Cous Cous, who I chased around for an hour and didn't manage to get any good photos.

Jelly Bean is going well. I have entered a meaningful long term relationship with him. He's just so smart and sexy and drives me crazy (obviously, because I'm talking about a machine like it's a human being)

Anyway... new stuff. Just DVDs, but I've taken photos of them with Instagram, so they look pretty.
 The Lost Thing. Animated short created by Shaun Tan. It came with a limited edition book with illustration by Shaun Tan. It's now one of my life goals to buy all of Shaun Tans' books, because they're amazing.
Pushing Daisies Season 1. This series is amazing. It's quirky, strange and lovely. The pie maker can bring people back to life with one touch, and the second touch kills them again PERMANENTLY. When the love his life, Chuck, dies, he's touches her. Now they live together but he can't touch her because then she'll die. The pie maker uses his powers to help his PI buddy solve murders.
It's a seriously excellent show, it reminds me of the Tim Burton film Big Fish. And everyone that has ever rented it from Blockbuster, loved it. (there is only 2 season, which is sad. But it's so good you can watch it over and over again)
Life Season 1 & 2. Reason for buying this??? Damian Lewis. I've only seen a couple of episodes, and it was on sale at Target, so I just couldn't resist (you know me)

So that's today for you. It was suppose to be my day off, but I got called into work at Target, which I didn't mind... more money. I'm feeling a lot less stressed now that we have a house to move into. I didn't like that period of not knowing where I'd be living next year, but now I do. YAY.

Anyway off to the bookstore to pick up some books and buy the new Frankie magazine.


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