21 February 2011

Polaroids & More Room Talk!

I've gone crazy. I'm currently winning 8... count it EIGHT! ebay auctions.... all for different Polaroid camera. I don't know, or care if they work, I just decided, after finding my old Polaroid i-zone camera that I wanted to start collecting Polaroid cameras. They're all so pretty, one of them, which is from the late 60s, actually has film with it. Please note that the MAX bid for ALL of the cameras is $5.00 (not including postage... which will be what gets me)
They're just so pretty.

Tomorrow or the next day, dad will here from the bank whether or not we can get finance for our house, hopefully we can, I didn't think about how we actually have to get bank approval first :O then dad will pay a deposit on the house and then the tenants getting 21 days, so this time next month, we may be actually moving. I know I'm going to have to move, it's obvious, since our house isn't our house anymore, but it's quite exciting, how soon it will be. It's exciting, and scary. Still have a lot of shit to pack, but once it's packed, I'll slowly unpack it and hopefully most of it will stay packed. All the most important stuff is packed at the moment. I'm thinking about my room, but I don't know the dimensions and I don't want to over estimate it, because I know it's tiny, like really tiny. I've got the smallest room, because the other room only has a window that faces out into the games room and not to outside, and I NEED a window that faces outside. I'll survive. It may need a lot of crafty renovating, but I can do it. I'm checking out "small rooms" on ourbedrooms and also "dorms" for inspiration.

I'm seriously considering downgrading to a king single bed, but then I think, FUCK THAT, I'd rather have a big bed and less space, then a tiny bed and lots of space... less space, less mess... well I think, probably not it my case.

If you cant tell already, I'm terrified. Not about moving, just about trying to pack all my shit into a teeny tiny room.
That, as you can see is the extent (to my remembrance... and pro drawing skills) the size of my new room. TEENY TINY. The Robe has 4 doors and doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, which will be good because I'll be able to store some stuff up there. The person in the room now, has a TV at the foot of the bed (but it's one of those old fat TVs) which leaves about 20cm between bed and TV. I'm hoping to have my bedhead against the wall with the window and then pushed against the wall, hopefully leaving some space for a desk, which is the second most important thing (after my bed) Then I'm hoping to put my wall shelves up (which I have taken off my walls, even though they're classified as "Fittings" and thus, technically belong to the Gates', but I paid for them, so I own them, so I'm taking them. :P I'm going to buy some more, and hopefully have the whole wall of book shelves.

IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY. I'm still excited.
Anyway, goodnight internet world.


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  1. I love polaroid cameras! You should totally go looking in thrift stores! i picked up a kodak on the side of the road a few weeks ago, someone was just throwing it out! scooooore :)