07 February 2011

What A Cutie.

So this wonderful world of real estate has become even more annoying... The settlement has been pushed back AGAIN! it's ridiculous.
My dad is getting really annoyed about it, the settlement is on Thursday, but as of Wednesday we are charging $160 ish a day (from the original settlement date, 4th Feb) until settlement.

I went to weight watchers today, I wasn't going to, the last 2 weeks have been weight loss hell. I didn't track or exercise. And I only put on 300grams.

I downloaded a fun label tape app for my iPhone. I've been adding some labels to my photos...

my super cute cousin Logan, posing for the camera.

PC asleep on the top of the fridge. He fines the weirdest places to sleep.

I found awesomeness on YouTube, it's probably old news, and since I'm using my iPhone I can't link... But search "charlieissocoollike" on YouTube and let the awesomeness begin, also Barry Pierce. I'll try to link at later dates.

Can't wait to video chat with my peeps on my iMac :)

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