30 March 2011

002: 100 Things About Me

I LOVE MUSIC and despite living 4 hours south from the most remote capital city in the whole world (PERTH) I have seen ALL my top 5 favourite bands plus a few more of my top 10.

#1 - Muse (19th December 2010)

#2 - HIM (23rd March 2009 & 1st March 2010)

#3 - Billy Talent (2nd March 2009)

#4 - 30 Seconds To Mars (24th July 2010)

#5 - The Used (19th October 2007)

#6 - AFI (1st March 2010)

#7 - The Rasmus (haven't seen, and probably won't because I believe they've broken up)

#8 - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (2nd March 2009)

#9 - Mindless Self Indulgence (3rd March 2008)

#10 - Daft Punk (hoping they'll announce a new tour this year)

I've also seen Placebo (1st March 2010), Paramore (1st March 2010), Biffy Clyro (19th December 2010) and Alkaline Trio (2nd March 2009) just to name a few. The main list is found under the Music tab.


29 March 2011

First Photos

Here are a couple of photos of my new room. There really isn't much there at the moment. Dad is going to get new carpet because the carpet is disgusting. The curtains are block-out so the room will be really dark, which is 100 times better than the bamboo blind I have at the moment. It's going to feel weird being so close to the ground (my current bedroom window is about 2.5 metres off the ground) Anyhoo, here are some photos...
view from door... kinda. It's was hard to take a good photo.
The built in wardrobe. It's awesome. I'm in love with it, even if it does smell a bit yuck.
The room as of 6pm (after we left) I managed to get SOME of the boxes there.
I'm the only family member with anything in the house at the moment.
And there is still heaps of stuff still to be moved.
Hopefully I'll get most of it done tomorrow.
But if Dad's getting new carpet, I really should wait.
The house feels nice. It feels homely. There is lots of work to be done, but it's only little stuff... whoever did the little repairs did a pretty dodgy job, but nothing that my father can't fix. Look out for more photos of the rest of the house tomorrow.

ALSO I went to buy my new desk from Furniture Spot and the girl was like, sorry there is none available until May 27th... MAY! That's 2 months away, why don't you write that on the desk or something? I don't know what to do. There was a desk at Officeworks I like, it's cheaper, but also smaller... hmmmm I'm going to have to think about it for a little while.

I also went to Diva and spent some more money *sadface* but I did get 2 sets of bracelets (these and another set I can't find online) and a charm bracelet. (all up there is 23 individual bracelets) for under $30, so I think I did pretty well. SEE? :)

Also, the book I ordered from Angus & Robertson arrived. The Fallen: Raziel by Kristina Douglas. I ordered it only knowing that it was about angels, and there is a hot guy on the front. I hope it's good.

It hasn't really sunk in yet. The whole moving process. I think when my room is finally empty and I'm being forced by my parents to clean, then it will hit me. I still have so much shit to move. I haven't even made a dent. And there is so much that won't possibly fit in my new room... But we're just going to go with the flow. Dad pretty much has ALL his friends coming to help. Since I started writing this post 30 minutes ago, 2 of dads friends have called and offered to help. They're all so supportive of what's happening in dads life, the move, the separation. I would love to friends like that. But men are different to women in that sense I think.

Any moving house tips would be nice. Also any tips to relocating cats. They're my biggest worry.


Shameless Self Promotion

I've decided to get involved in 30 Days of Lists. It's really just a 30 Days meme, but the idea is to write lists about the subjects. I'm going to try and do the lists by hand and scan them and post them onto the internet. I paid my $3 for the formatted lists, which make it really easy to do the meme. I'm excited, but I think I'm going to wait until I'm settled in my new home before I start.

I was also contacted by Girl Meets iPad and asked if I wanted to be interviewed about my iPad habits. My interview is due to be published on the blog on March 30th EST (American time) but I will let everyone know when it's live, so you can all check it out.

I'm trying to get involved with more websites and blogs, it's really just shameless self promotion, but there is nothing wrong with that, but I think I should give back, so if you're a follower of my blog I will advertise your blog for FREE, all you need to do is send me a button, or post a link to buttons you already have and I'll add it to my Links page.

now all I need is someone to create some buttons for me.


28 March 2011

Something About Us by Daft Punk

Michael Sheen looking all awesome and whatnot.
art by me. Done using ArtRage for iPad.
the most awesome wall mural EVER!
signs to live by. I need to get me some of these.
current iPhone lock screen wallpaper.
wilderness journal. from we heart it. I'm so making one of these and sending it to someone special :)
more Michael Sheen.
i plan to.
this picspam has been brought to you by We Heart It, Photobucket, IKEA Hackers and my own awesomeness :) I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for photos of my new home, from tomorrow onwards :) Goodnight lovelies.



I resigned from Blockbuster. I'm not on the roster anymore. I actually did it.
I went in this morning, before the store had opened and spoke to the Boss, I asked him if he needed a letter, and he said yes. He didn't seem that surprised. I had a little cry in the car afterward, but I would rather not be working there than working there. When I dropped my letter off after work at Target, Boss had already done the roster and I wasn't on it. It was kinda sad, because when I talked to him in the morning, I said I was available to work the next fortnight.
I feel sad, but also relieved to be out of there. I'm going to miss working with everyone, and I'm going to miss working there... sometimes. Last night was my last shift, and it was pretty much one of the worst shifts I'd ever done. Every customer complained. Every customer asked me stupid questions... customers are stupid. But when I had finished counting out the money and turned off the lights, I stood in the dark store for a minute and said goodbye (for good this time) I had every intention of resigning today, and instead of it just being talk... I actually did it. I'm actually proud of myself for doing it. And it's not like I'll never see any of them again, it's still my video store. But I did have to pay full price for my DVDs :( and I don't get previews anymore... and I won't be able to steal a Tron:Legacy poster... I'll have to ask Nigel nicely.

We start moving tomorrow. House settlement is set for 11am. Then the house is ours, so stay tuned for photos of empty house. Like I've said many times before, it's very scary and exciting. It's a big change, but this change is good. I realised last night as I was lying wide awake in bed that it's been about 5 months since Mum moved out. 5 months, it's gone so quickly I hadn't really noticed, is that bad? I really miss having her around. I miss the times I get upset at night and get my sister Alex to go get her for me. I miss that, I don't miss the midnight panic attacks, just the comfort, I miss knowing that she's right upstairs when I need her.

Anyway, that's my emotional mini rant/ramble for tonight. Tomorrow is the start of a new era for me. SCARY!


26 March 2011

End Of Line by Daft Punk

Apparently it's earth hour or something. All the lights are off in the house, but the lights have pretty much been off all night.
I spent some time outside lying on the grass looking at the stars, it's such a beautiful clear night tonight. I can't wait to move into our new house, because it's away from the town lights so the sky will be so much clearer.

Officeworks opened in town today. I didn't even realise that it was open, but I saw someone come out and I was like a little kid... "please dad can we go in.... please please please!" But you will all be glad to hear that I only bought one thing, and it was something that I had wanted for ages... a pogo pen for my iPad. It's so awesome and sleek and silver, and actually has a real pen in it too.

2 weeks until we can no longer set foot in this house. :( I'm excited about setting up my new room, and posting photos, I'm excited about being organised, I'm not excited about being so close to everyone elses rooms, I'm not excited about the nasty South Coast Highway/Albany Highway intersection, and I'm not excited about the amount of emotion that will be shown over the next 2 weeks. It's going to be really hard.

Anyway, the internet is being shitty, so I'm off to play The Sims Medieval :)


25 March 2011

this week

had Vertigo (feeling better now, but still a little busy)

bought The Sims Medieval - it's so freaking awesome!

Found a dead pixel on my mac screen. rang Apple, they sent a techie to have a look, Techie just happened to be the girl who was my BESTEST friend in Primary School, who I haven't seen in about 10 years (it was pretty awkward) anyway long story short, Apple won't do anything about dead pixel, because there is only one :( it's right in the middle of the screen, but it is unnoticable unless you look really hard.

Got to go and have a look at our new house. Settlement is Noon on Tuesday. Quite excited. Had a look in the wardrobe in my room, and they're pretty awesome, there's drawers in them, and lots of space, so I'll be able to hide a lot of stuff. I have claimed the master bedroom, hopefully dad is okay with that (he said I could have it a couple of weeks ago) The room is a lot smaller than I imagined it, like it always is... but we all feel really comfortable in the house. It needs some work, but no where as much work at this house (the old one) does.

Bought some awesome military style jewellery from Diva (photo below) and also, FINALLY, found a Military jacket in my size, from Best and Less for only $30.

I downloaded the song "I See The Light" from the Tangled soundtrack, just so I can listen to Zachary Levi (Chuck from "Chuck") sing :)

I also got a new WRECK THIS JOURNAL!
I haven't started it yet. My last one is pretty "wrecked". But I think I'm going to wait until I've moved into the new house before I start it.

That's pretty much my week. Full of ups and downs. Next week is going to be very hectic and emotional. Next week we move house. THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER MOVED HOUSE EVER! I'm going to try and do a video blog for it or something. I'm going to be without internet at the new house from April 1st until whenever. So from April 1st it will pretty much be just Twitter from me.

How did everyone elses week go?
Let me know in the comments :)


22 March 2011

Vertigo & Doctor Who

At 11am today I suddenly felt really dizzy. You know the feeling you get when you get out of bed too fast or stand up too fast? But I was just sitting at my desk at work, doing my work... And BAM! And it didn't go away. I made a doctors appointment, but let me get this straight, I'm not one of those people that goes to the doctor every time they feel even the slightest bit sick... Like my lovely and beautiful friend Tahlia :). And long story short, I have Vertigo. Not the movie Vertigo, but the actual diagnosed medical condition... And it hasn't gone away yet. Even now, at almost 7pm I'm still feeling dizzy. If I sit and do nothing I'm fine, as soon as I start moving... I'm done for, it feels like I'm walking around on a boat that's in the middle of a storm. Seriously, I don't even get motion sickness normally, how have I managed to get it without even being in motion??
Anyway, my doctor perscriped me some anti nausea tablets, that have helped a little, but I'm worried about work tomorrow morning. I really hope it's gone by tomorrow. I was rostered to work at Blockbuster tonight, but am lucky enough to work with some awesome people who are willing to help.

Michael Sheen is going to be in the episode of Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman. How fucking awesome is that? One of my favourite actors, in an episode of my favourite show written by my favourite writer.
Michael Sheen Pictures, Images and Photos
Fucking Michael Sheen. Seriously excited. He is one of the best actors, he can play action, comedy, thriller... In the movie I watched last night (Unthinkable) he spend 90% of the film being tortured!! It was brutal, but it was a good movie.

Neil Gaiman is epic... Doctor Who... Oh my fucking god, I'm just so excited.


21 March 2011

False King by Two Steps From Hell

My weekend was relatively internet free, except for a few Tumblr reblogs, and checking what time the movies were on at the cinema. I managed to organise my stationery, pack some more boxes and get some serious fan-fiction writing done. I ALSO FOUND MY UNI INFO BOOKS, so I don't have to use my iPad to read them (it was starting to hurt my eyes)
Check out my awesome organisation skills. I'm going to change it a little, because I found more plastic tumblers at work, so I'm going to sort the pencils into "normal" and "watercolour" and "lead" I have so much stationery I should open my own stationery store... speaking of stationery stores... OFFICEWORKS opens in 2 weeks time :) I'm so freaking excited.

Final inspection of our new house is on Friday. I'm excited. And then next Tuesday we start to move in. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the move. I haven't had any emotional breakdowns over it, but I do find myself feeling a bit sad sometimes... at really stupid times, like when I'm lying in bed looking at the ceiling and realising I won't get to see the ceiling everyday... weird things like that. I am really looking forward to moving, but not leaving. All the memories. I've been taking some really weird photos of the house, like little things, like the ceiling in the lounge room, the picture rail in my room, the bathroom doors... really weird right? But that will be the stuff I'll miss the most.

I've watched 9 NEW movies in the last week. I've written them in my list, but haven't written reviews for them yet. I'm trying only to watch movies I haven't seen. I'm 28% done with my 100 new movies list. CHECK IT OUT... and recommend me some movies that I haven't seen yet :)


18 March 2011

Moving Day.

March 29th. That's the settlement date. That's when we have a new house. Which is really good, because we don't have to be out of here until April 9th or something, so we have a couple of days to move.

Anyway, that's all. See you on Monday (having internet free weekend!)


About life, packing, tweens, going to the movies and internet free weekend.

So completely over my emo state I had earlier this week. Sorry about that, I actually lost a follower :(

Starting to get back into it. Life is starting to sort itself out. Still have no idea when we're moving house, I have a rough idea, but if that rough idea is correct, it's in 2 weeks time, which is pretty scary. I've asked dad, but he doesn't know anything about it either.

My work situation is getting better. Hopefully soon I'll be getting 25.5 hours a week, working 2 jobs. But I'm really unsure if I actually want to leave Blockbuster, but I really don't want to work nights or weekends anymore (and they're the only times I'll be available) I don't want to have to pay to rent movies :)

I started writing lists of things to do and organise. Like change of address! What a bitch that is going to be. And the packing is still pretty much none existent! But most of the stuff that still needs to be sorted are things I use day to day, and things that will probably get thrown out.

Just watched the music video for Friday by Rebecca Black. seriously, apparently she's the next "Justin Bieber" all I can say is. SERIOUSLY CHILDREN! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY REAL MUSIC TASTE? ARE YOU TONE DEATH? Wow... Just wow. My opinion, don't waste 3 minutes and 48 seconds of your life, just don't watch it. You've probably heard it played a bazillion times on the radio by now anyway. This chick makes Justin Bieber seem not that bad (yep, that's my official statement... There is now someone worse than Justin Bieber)


I might go to the movies tonight. I really want to see Battle: Los Angeles. It looks pretty epic. I wish I had friends that were actually interested in Sci-Fi movies... plus would actually pay to go see a movie at the cinema. "It's so expensive... blah blah blah... bitch bitch bitch" seriously $15? You don't HAVE to buy anything from the snackbar. You pay your $15 and go and sit down... that's it. You get to see a movie in the best quality, the only way you'll ever get to see a movie in that quality again is to pay 10s of thousands of dollars to buy your own cinema setup. SERIOUSLY... $15! It's going to cost you more than that when you go to the pub instead and get so drunk you don't remember what you did. Seriously... and I'm the weird one because I want to spend "heaps" of money going to the cinema. Hmmmmmm! What ever!

Anyway. I'm going to try and have an internet free weekend. The plan is tonight fill my ipod with music and actually TURN MY COMPUTER OFF, instead of just putting it to sleep. And see how long I can last without my computer/internet. See you on Monday... or sooner, depending on how much fail I have :)

16 March 2011

New Hair

My hair is no longer red. Well it's still red, but not "crazy" red. Tracey (who I do my Volunteer work for) was very naughty and booked and paid for me to get my hair dyed. I was so angry at her, because I was completely fine with doing it myself, but she insisted. I will have to get her something nice. I have no photos of it yet, but I may have found a new hairdresser. It was such a nice environment and Kate (the hairdresser) was nice, like was genuinely interested to talk, unlike some.
So this morning Target was a lot happier. I've actually got more compliments about this colour then I did with the red.... I do miss it.

That's all for today. Not feeling very inspired to blog... or do anything for that matter. :(


14 March 2011

this town is so fucking small and narrow minded. no wonder there is no one interesting in this fucking town, as soon as they're old enough they leave. they go somewhere where they're not forced to become grey fucking conforming robots. TARGET POLICY! so that girl with blue hair working at Target in Melbourne has a natural hair colour?? I was just trying to be someone other than me. trying to make this slow depressing little hole that I call my life a little bit more comfortable, a little bit less like I wanted to jump from the fucking gap. I'm sick of hiding my feelings from the people in my offline life, they all think I'm a happy person, but I'm not. I don't think I can hide it anymore. I don't think I can pretend anymore. But then I think it would be easier on the people I love if I didn't bother them with my feelings, they're going through their own shit at the moment, so maybe it would be easier for me just to step back into line and conform. Just put some sticky tape over the cracks in my mask and just keep "being happy" the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.

but then i feel selfish for being so emo. tonight there are millions of people without homes, thousands who have lost family members (some more than one.... some whole families) people whose whole life was washed away by something that we can't control, and there are people being murdered, being raped and tortured, children being taken from their families and sold into the sex trade, or into child work houses. I'm so lucky, how can I complain about how unhappy I am? HOW THE FUCK CAN I SAY THAT MY LIFE SUCKS??? I'm so selfish, we all are. It could happen to us too, one minute we have everything, the next... it's all gone. we take it all for granted. ALL THIS SHIT I HAVE TO PACK INTO BOXES TO MOVE, boxes and boxes of books and dvds, technology I DIDN'T need but bought anyway, because it was cool. ALL WORTHLESS. I would give it all away for my families guaranteed safety. I would give my life for their safety, without even blinking.


Maybe I was silly to think it would be okay. Difference scares people. Especially with 60% of the staff members are over 35, and 98% of them work when I work.

In other news, my Uncles' partners' twin sister is "coming back" to work at Target. Bit strange. I'll walk up to her and be like "we're related... kinda, through marriage... but not really, because they're not married" LOL. That makes me happy. I'm very moody. I feel strangely elated at the moment, even after that rant... and the one earlier this evening. Okay I'm seriously weirded out now. STUPID FUCKING HORMONES!
So I have to change my hair colour. It needs to be more "natural" and I'm upset about it. I REALLY LOVE THIS COLOUR, but if I want to go back to work I'll have to change it. I didn't cry at work about it, and I haven't cried about it yet, but I might. I'm upset and angry, but part of me knew that there would be a chance that I would have to change it, and I'm already kind of over the looks I got. They're not bad looks, but they're different. I bought a 8 wash natural brown to run through my hair and hopefully that will tone it town... but I'm thinking it might just be easier to just get a permanent darker red colour. I don't want to run the brown through and make it look like shit.


I tried to be myself. I tried to stop worrying about what others thought, I finally decided to stop fucking caring, and now I'm back to the beginning, it was thrown back in my face.


Whatever. I might just buy some black hair dye and go back to being a depressed little girl in a happy smiling mask. That's what they seem to want.