18 March 2011

About life, packing, tweens, going to the movies and internet free weekend.

So completely over my emo state I had earlier this week. Sorry about that, I actually lost a follower :(

Starting to get back into it. Life is starting to sort itself out. Still have no idea when we're moving house, I have a rough idea, but if that rough idea is correct, it's in 2 weeks time, which is pretty scary. I've asked dad, but he doesn't know anything about it either.

My work situation is getting better. Hopefully soon I'll be getting 25.5 hours a week, working 2 jobs. But I'm really unsure if I actually want to leave Blockbuster, but I really don't want to work nights or weekends anymore (and they're the only times I'll be available) I don't want to have to pay to rent movies :)

I started writing lists of things to do and organise. Like change of address! What a bitch that is going to be. And the packing is still pretty much none existent! But most of the stuff that still needs to be sorted are things I use day to day, and things that will probably get thrown out.

Just watched the music video for Friday by Rebecca Black. seriously, apparently she's the next "Justin Bieber" all I can say is. SERIOUSLY CHILDREN! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY REAL MUSIC TASTE? ARE YOU TONE DEATH? Wow... Just wow. My opinion, don't waste 3 minutes and 48 seconds of your life, just don't watch it. You've probably heard it played a bazillion times on the radio by now anyway. This chick makes Justin Bieber seem not that bad (yep, that's my official statement... There is now someone worse than Justin Bieber)


I might go to the movies tonight. I really want to see Battle: Los Angeles. It looks pretty epic. I wish I had friends that were actually interested in Sci-Fi movies... plus would actually pay to go see a movie at the cinema. "It's so expensive... blah blah blah... bitch bitch bitch" seriously $15? You don't HAVE to buy anything from the snackbar. You pay your $15 and go and sit down... that's it. You get to see a movie in the best quality, the only way you'll ever get to see a movie in that quality again is to pay 10s of thousands of dollars to buy your own cinema setup. SERIOUSLY... $15! It's going to cost you more than that when you go to the pub instead and get so drunk you don't remember what you did. Seriously... and I'm the weird one because I want to spend "heaps" of money going to the cinema. Hmmmmmm! What ever!

Anyway. I'm going to try and have an internet free weekend. The plan is tonight fill my ipod with music and actually TURN MY COMPUTER OFF, instead of just putting it to sleep. And see how long I can last without my computer/internet. See you on Monday... or sooner, depending on how much fail I have :)

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