08 March 2011

Alex is back

My sister just got back from Perth, she went to Soundwave, she got dragged from the mosh pit at 30 Seconds To Mars and got a guitar pick from There For Tomorrow. She does concerts far better than me. But the best thing... she bought me an awesome present...
... A MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER DALEK! It's bubble bath, it's AWESOME! I also got a Soundwave tee, and some "Tubberware" from IKEA (it's not real Tubberware, but it's awesome and green)

In other news, seriously considering dying my hair this colour...
... it's a sort of red, but with slight purple tinge, but I need some advise. First off, does anyone know what this colour is actually called, and two, I will probably need to bleach my hair first, so the colour looks extra nice, can you suggest any products that will stop my hair from becoming wiry and strawy? I'm seriously considering getting it done professionally, but I'm not sure. I kinda wish my hair was longer, because I think it would look better with longer hair.... but I hate having long hair :)

Dinner time.