10 March 2011

Almost deleted myself!

Today I opened my blog (I do this alot) and just had a look. I decided I didn't like it anymore, and was tempted to delete it... THE WHOLE THING! and start again. But that would be over 1000 posts and over 2 years of my life GONE! Pooff.... gone, to be seen no more. So I didn't, obviously, because you're still reading it. Instead I did a layout change, I got rid of the old header, and now it's just nice and simple.
I love the font. I hope everyone can see it on their computers, I know sometimes, depending on your internet browser, the fonts don't show up right.

I also bought hair dye today! L'oreal Super Blonde prelightener and Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Hypnotic Red. My sister Kaitlin also has some Fudge Red hair dye which I'm going to mix into my shampoo to keep the colour red. But I am seriously considering staying BLONDE (depending on how it looks)
I really want to do it NOW! But I have work tonight and tomorrow, and I need Alex to help. So it's going to happen on SATURDAY! But don't worry I will doing a live post (kinda) with pics and everything so you can sneak a peak :D

I found a desk that I want. It's $155 and it's from Furniture Spot, but it's just a simple white desk, no drawers, no flash bits... just a desk, but dad won't let me buy it. But it makes sense, because I don't even know if I'll have enough room for it. So I have to wait.

Dad paid the Stamp Duty for the new house today.... it's all happening, and the house passed the termite inspection so all is good on that front. It's starting to get a little bit nervy, the butterfly party in my stomach is starting to get noisy.

Do I write too much? Does anyone even read these long posts? I don't talk this much in real life.


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