26 March 2011

End Of Line by Daft Punk

Apparently it's earth hour or something. All the lights are off in the house, but the lights have pretty much been off all night.
I spent some time outside lying on the grass looking at the stars, it's such a beautiful clear night tonight. I can't wait to move into our new house, because it's away from the town lights so the sky will be so much clearer.

Officeworks opened in town today. I didn't even realise that it was open, but I saw someone come out and I was like a little kid... "please dad can we go in.... please please please!" But you will all be glad to hear that I only bought one thing, and it was something that I had wanted for ages... a pogo pen for my iPad. It's so awesome and sleek and silver, and actually has a real pen in it too.

2 weeks until we can no longer set foot in this house. :( I'm excited about setting up my new room, and posting photos, I'm excited about being organised, I'm not excited about being so close to everyone elses rooms, I'm not excited about the nasty South Coast Highway/Albany Highway intersection, and I'm not excited about the amount of emotion that will be shown over the next 2 weeks. It's going to be really hard.

Anyway, the internet is being shitty, so I'm off to play The Sims Medieval :)


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  1. The Sims Medieval...such a wonderful game!!! I've to say I'm very hooked, like a drug. Is the perfect mix of a RPG and The Sims :)

    The best thing about life outside a town is the sky every night. Stars and the darkness and constellations :) I'm pretty sure you gonna see them every night!!

    And about the new house, if you think it will be very hard just try to focus on the set up your new room and decorate it :D I think it's gonna be gorgeous and a geek'n'nerd room :D :D perfect!