21 March 2011

False King by Two Steps From Hell

My weekend was relatively internet free, except for a few Tumblr reblogs, and checking what time the movies were on at the cinema. I managed to organise my stationery, pack some more boxes and get some serious fan-fiction writing done. I ALSO FOUND MY UNI INFO BOOKS, so I don't have to use my iPad to read them (it was starting to hurt my eyes)
Check out my awesome organisation skills. I'm going to change it a little, because I found more plastic tumblers at work, so I'm going to sort the pencils into "normal" and "watercolour" and "lead" I have so much stationery I should open my own stationery store... speaking of stationery stores... OFFICEWORKS opens in 2 weeks time :) I'm so freaking excited.

Final inspection of our new house is on Friday. I'm excited. And then next Tuesday we start to move in. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the move. I haven't had any emotional breakdowns over it, but I do find myself feeling a bit sad sometimes... at really stupid times, like when I'm lying in bed looking at the ceiling and realising I won't get to see the ceiling everyday... weird things like that. I am really looking forward to moving, but not leaving. All the memories. I've been taking some really weird photos of the house, like little things, like the ceiling in the lounge room, the picture rail in my room, the bathroom doors... really weird right? But that will be the stuff I'll miss the most.

I've watched 9 NEW movies in the last week. I've written them in my list, but haven't written reviews for them yet. I'm trying only to watch movies I haven't seen. I'm 28% done with my 100 new movies list. CHECK IT OUT... and recommend me some movies that I haven't seen yet :)



  1. Sometimes I wish I were you. Sure, you may be lonely, but you just have an amazing genuine personality. plus, you have some really cool stuff :p

  2. Tooooooooooooooooooooooons of copic makers

    Love theeeem !!